Fitter – Faster – Stronger – Thinner!!!

So, to catch up with everything, I’d like to talk a bit about my training in June. This was primarily an indicator of how fit I was before I started the first of at least seven planned runs from July to October.

The runs are specifically to raise funds for Families Against Neuroblastoma ( and as a little quirk to myself all of my training will consist of me listening to the Radio Free Skaro podcasts ( and all of my runs will consist of me listening exclusively to Def Leppard ( mainly to keep me focussed than anything else. What people need to know about me (if they don’t already know) is that I love me some Doctor Who and I can think of nothing better to exert energy to than Def Leppard.

I’d sat down and worked out before I started my training that once I had finished come October there was every chance I’d have done around 250 miles (as a combination of training and actual running events). With that in mind I decided it was time to buy some new trainers so I stuck to what I knew again and bought another pair of K Swiss Tubes .

I was also told that if I was taking part in Total Warrior ( in August then my trainers were going to get trashed so I ended up buying a cheap pair of Reeboks off ebay which cost me about £6 in total so if they do get trashed I won’t feel too bad about the monetary outlay when I’m throwing them in the bin.

Anyway, back to the training. I was slightly disappointed with May’s training as I was still running 10k distances but my timing was still coming in at around 56 – 57 minutes. I just couldn’t seem to cut my time in anyway and I couldn’t work out why so I had a quick chat with my running coach who advised me to change my arm style slightly. Previously I was a very nervous/tense runner and I didn’t use my arms much and by much I mean they more or less stayed clamped to my side. It had been identified to me that this was a possible reason as to why I was getting so many rib injuries. After a couple of track sessions utilising the new arm style I suddenly found myself to be getting faster and in addition to that all the gym work and weight work was making me stronger. So I decided that I would head out on a different path on my next run and see where it took me. Come the 17th June it was time to get out and running to prepare in earnest for my run on 22nd July and it was at this point that I’d decided the new bypass was going to be a main focus of my training. I’d estimated that from my house to work via the bypass was around 4 miles so there and back would obviously be around 8 miles and I was interested to see how fast I could run that distance in. From the off I knew this was going to be a good run as I was about a mile in and the usual stitch had not yet surfaced and by the time I had reached work it had taken me about 30 minutes to get there. This was a first for me to run 4 miles in 30 minutes and if I was running this pace for a 10k I was going to finish at around 45 – 50 minutes. When I’d finished the race and mapped it later I’d ran 8.41 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes, I felt confident after this run that I had turned a corner and was going to have a good few months of running providing I could stay injury free.

At the end of June I was asked by our local paper The News and Star if I would take part in another catch up on my gym progress and they would provide some details with regards to the charity fundraising I was doing.  Unfortunately when the write up appeared in the paper it was very vague as to what charity I was raising funds for ( and there were no links to my fund raising page which they had said they would do which was a shame but then I suppose they have their own constraints to think of.

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