Looking towards Warrington 1/2 Marathon (September 9th)

Yesterday, as part of my training for the Warrington ½ marathon, I decided to go out and run at least 13 miles to gauge timing. I’d been running this distance for the past few weeks but I’d given myself a week off after the cross bay challenge ½ marathon to clear up a few niggling injuries. In the interim I’d mainly been doing some upper body work at the gym and a couple of interval training sessions on the track. The information had arrived by email regarding for Warrington reminding me that it was little more than 2 weeks away and I really needed to start putting the miles in for it which can be difficult when you have a family and job to juggle as well.

Not long into the run, probably a mile, I was shocked at how heavy my legs already felt. I’d done a warm up and stretch as normal so I could only put it down to general tiredness after working a multitude of different shifts over the past couple of weeks I was more than a little shattered. But I’d already decided that I must get out and run as this was going to be the only day I could do a long distance over the next week or so so I ploughed on regardless.

About 3 miles in I felt a dull pain in my knee and not long after the whole knee area appeared to lock up. On a scale of 1 – 10 I put the pain at about a 4 so rather than turn back I attempted to see if I could run it off.

I’m always intrigued about this internal battle that my mind seems to have with my body in these instances. It’s almost like the mind is saying this bloody hurts let’s go home whereas the body is saying nah it’s not that bad I’ll get us through it. At one point I was thinking to myself that it was starting to get a little painful but as I was thinking that my body, independent of myself, seemed to push on and pick up the pace. As this happened the pain seemed to disappear and before I knew it I was ploughing down a hill at pace (upon passing a speed signal it flashed up that I was doing 32 mph, although this could’ve been the car that was travelling next to me but I guess we’ll never know.)

Towards the end of the run I was cursing myself as, yet again, I’d gone the wrong way and ended up finishing with big inclines. I remembered thinking to myself the last time to reverse the run as there are three incline areas to negotiate on the last mile and a half. I was starting to slow down a lot as I came towards the end but still managed to finish with a sprint to the lamp-post which marked the end of my run.


Walking to my front door I’d noticed that the pain in my knee was a bit sharper as I was walking and it wasn’t long before the whole leg went heavy and I was limping a little. However, waking this morning it seems to have settled down a bit and I can now at least walk without pain. I think after a couple of foam roller sessions and adopting the R.I.C.E. principle I’ll be fine and will be able to continue my build up for Warrington.


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