Having initially set up this blog as a way to document my trials and tribulations of my running journey please allow me to take a slight detour on this post.

Next week a friend and I will be taking part in the Thames Path Challenge 50k walk ( – Setting off from Fulham we will walk to Runnymede in a time limit of 12 hours. Now I know this isn’t running but I still class this as an essential part of my training as I look to finish the year being at peak fitness for a change. Having planned it meticulously from start to finish I’ve set our pace at between 3 and 4 miles an hour to ensure that we finish well within the 12 hour limit. Walking at a 3 mile pace will see us finish in and around 11 hours and walking at a 4 mile pace will see us get in around 9 hours. I have to say that I’m really looking forward to this one and had initially planned to do it on my own but I forwarded the details on to my friend Mike who seemed fairly interested in it. Before long he’d talked himself into it and once we’d worked out the logistics, and decided on not doing the 100k portion of the walk, we were booked in.

For this challenge I’m raising funds for Children with Cancer ( via my just giving page (

My gym membership with The Sands Centre ran out at the end of August and I started shopping around the gyms in Carlisle to see what I could get. Having initially set up an appointment with Lifestyle Fitness for an induction I ended up being early and taking a slight detour to The DW gym across the road to see what their facilities were like. A quick tour later and I was sold, not only were they cheaper than The Sands Centre but they had a pool which, coming into Winter, is something I was looking to utilise to ease back on the outside running a little. For £20 a month I had access to the gym, pool, all the classes, money off the sports shop and a nutritional café on site. It had been two weeks since my last session in the gym while I scoured around looking for a new gym so the day after signing up I put myself through an hours training and was very impressed with the machines and equipment at hand. I think I’m going to enjoy my time here and can’t wait to get into the pool.

Once the Thames Path Challenge is over I’m signed up for The Cumbrian Run on Sunday 7th October, this is the first time I’ll be taking part in this half marathon despite signing up twice before. The first time I signed up I ended up being ill on the day and the second time I ended up with a night shift at work the night before making it impossible to get up and run 13 and a bit miles on what would’ve been two hours sleep. This time I’m looking after myself and I’ve taken the Saturday and Sunday off so I can finally get this run, on my own doorstep, finished. Following that I aim to do one run in November – The Zombie Evacuation Run in London and one in December which will probably be The Xmas Pudding 10k Run and that will be me for the year.

It’s been a great year of running and challenging my limits but it’s not over yet so there’ll be no taking my foot off the gas until the last challenge is done and the last race is run. Wish me luck…



  1. Sounds Like a great plan, I found you on Hemingway’s blog… I really recommend swimming and also pool running for winter months. My current coach had an injury and ran 18 weeks in the pool and laced up his shoes and ran Boston at a 8 min mile…so it works….It has yet to have me do an 8 mm anywhere yet, but….I remain hopeful!

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