As 2013 rolled around I found myself in a strange situation as for the first time in forever I came into January illness and injury free. I was determined not to let my training slip during December and carry on right through into January so as a result I had signed myself up for a run on the 20th January to give me some impetus to carry on.

I’ve been taking part in the Jan-tastic Event that is part of Marathon Talk ( Basically, the idea is that you set a number of runs during the week that will challenge you. As I’d already been doing 3 – 4 runs a week I stupidly put down that I could do 7 runs a week. Now that it’s there in black and white on a website that I’ve said I can do 7 runs a week then 7 I must do, so far it’s going well and I’m actually feeling the benefit I think I just wonder whether I can keep it up.


The Resolution run started from just outside Carlisle Racecourse and ended just inside the racecourse entrance taking in Durdar along the way. I was looking forward to it as it was also my first outing for DH Runners ( and it would give me an indication of where I was at in the fitness stakes before the Great North West Half Marathon in Blackpool at the end of February. Those who have followed my blog will know that this is the race that destroyed me last year, from being directed the wrong way by a steward to actually running the race with pneumonia (which wasn’t diagnosed at the time). So there are a few demons to be slain there in 2013 and it’ll feel great to finally get that monkey off my back.

On the Saturday before the Resolution 10k took place we held our first parkrun event in Carlisle (, it honestly couldn’t have gone better. Andrew, Kev and myself had an early start as we had to be at Radio Cumbria early morning to be interviewed about it and then from there it was straight over to Chances Park to set up and await the runners. The parkrun UK manager Tom Williams and his family had turned up to run in the event and were quite complimentary of the course and the organisation so long may it continue. We’ve had good feedback in the past week and what with 112 people turning up on the first event we’re wondering how many will turn up in the following weeks now that the word is out there.


The morning of the Resolution run didn’t start very well as the kitchen cupboard was devoid of Weetabix so the substitute breakfast of champions was a boiled egg roll. Andrew came to pick me up and upon arriving at his house to pick up his wife I realised I hadn’t brought the right glasses with me. The glasses I had brought with me were my day to day ones but as soon as I start running in these ones they slip down my nose and then off my face which is a bit annoying. So off we went back to my house to pick up the right glasses, I must admit these ominous signs were not filling me with much confidence of the run going well.

The Resolution run was being organised by a group called Sport in Action ( which, I’m led to believe, are connected to Carlisle Tri-Club. The run itself was well organised as it was a case of picking up my bib and then getting a pre-race briefing where we told that there would be no I-Pods/MP3 players allowed on the route as it was going to be conducted over open roads. It was a shame as I love running with my music playing but I totally understood the decision (there were a few grumblers but at the end of the day it was for their own safety). The only annoyance I had with no music was that the guy running behind me for the first three miles had his garmin going off every minute which can be slightly offputting (especially when the sound it was making sounded like a pacman game). There were around 162 people who had applied for places but only 150 turned up on the day.

I started the run pretty well and my only aim at the time was to finish it in under an hour. I’d decided on wearing a snood type thing around my neck for a change for some reason and when the wind hit a few times around the course I was glad that I had. Three miles in and a quick check of the watch revealed that I had done 27 minutes. I was pretty confident that I could come in under 55 minutes at this point so I started to pick the pace up a bit. From about the 4 ½ mile mark the wind had increased loads so it was a bit of a battle against the wind to get back to the racecourse. Upon hitting the five mile mark my watch said that I had done 42 minutes so I was now determined to get in under 50 minutes.

The final stretch was pretty windy as it was all out in the open and as I rounded the corner at the entrance of the Racecourse I wasn’t entirely sure where I would be finishing so didn’t want to set off on a sprint too early. However, the finish line was pretty near to the entrance so I ended up starting my sprint finish far too late in the end.


I crossed the line at 50:46 and I was genuinely gutted. Although my aim was only to finish under an hour when I saw that the potential of a sub 50 finish was on I was trying my hardest to do it. If it wasn’t for that pesky wind I probably would have gotten away with it as well. Mind you, saying that, a 50:46 finish is an excellent indicator of what I could achieve at Blackpool if I keep the training up.

In the meantime I’ve been doing some interval training and actually managed 1.97 miles in 13:07 minutes so I’m going in the right direction I reckon.

I definitely need to buy some new leggings though. Trying to survive on one pair while doing 7 runs a week isn’t working.

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