Marathon Tip #1: Train for the Course and Race Conditions

Fit Fun Mom

When you shell out some major cash for a half marathon or a full, you want to take the race seriously. And it’s not just about the Hamiltons, Grants and Benjamins — the smarter you train, the more you’ll enjoy the race.

What exactly should you consider as you select and train for your specific race? The terrain, weather, race course rules, and available on-course fuel.

The Course Description and Course Maps

Examine the course maps at three critical points in your training journey: (1) when you select a race, (2) as you plan your long training runs, and (3) during taper before race day.

When you read the course description and examine the course maps (both the route and elevation maps), the obvious first step is to find out whether the course is dirt trails, asphalt or concrete. Naturally if it’s a trail race you’re going to need…

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