Lancaster Three Bridges/Keswick Half Marathon DNS

After four years of running I finally added a DNS to my career.

It was bound to happen sometime but to miss two in a row was irksome at best.

I’d been looking forward to Lancaster Three Bridges as I was confident that I could’ve beaten last years time. Unfortunately we made it a short distance onto the motorway when we suffered car trouble. The next few hours were spent sitting in a service station waiting for a recovery van to come and sort us out. I was itching for a run at this point so not long after we’d arrived home I went out and ran 12 miles, I was right in the fact that I would’ve smashed my pb at Three Bridges as I arrived at 6 miles in 51 minutes.

I ended up missing the Keswick Half the following Sunday due to waking up on the Tuesday before with a massive headache which was eventually followed up with a bout of violent vomiting and a very dodgy stomach. Whether I’d picked up a bug or had some sort of food poisoning I don’t know but what I did know was that my body was in no shape for a half marathon. The fact that I’d barely kept any food down for five days was a clear indicator of not risking a half marathon.

So gutting though it was I’d missed two runs on my schedule and now need to find some more to fit in to accommodate all my training.

Fingers crossed.


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