Beating Personal Bests.

I finally managed to get a competitive run in on June 5th when I took part in the Carlisle Tri-Club 10k.
The course was the same as the Carlisle Resolution which took place on January 20th and is covered in an earlier article on the blog


I went in knowing that the last time I had ran the course I had done it in 50:46 so I was confident that I could knock a little bit of time off now that I knew where I was going and where I could pick the pace up if needs be.

Again it was a case of naked running (not that kind of naked get your minds out of the gutter you dirty people) as Ipod’s/MP3’s etc weren’t allowed. I’m actually in two minds now about running with my Ipod, if it’s, what I deem to be, a short distance like a 5 or 10k I can manage without it it’s just when I get to longer distances that I know I definitely need it to break up the monotony  a little bit.

I’d set off fairly well, doing the first mile in around seven minutes. It was around the second mile I started to lose a little pace and by halfway I was kicking on for around 25 minutes. I had a bit of pace to make up now and luckily not far in front of me were a couple of runners I knew regularly run around 50 minutes for 10k distance. So I had a plan now and the plan was to catch them up and keep up with them for as long as I could. This was easier said than done as they had started to pick their pace up for the last three miles but I caught them up and it was only in the last ½ mile back to the racecourse (and the finish line) that they started to lose me. At this point though I knew I was on for a decent time as the last three mile had flew in, however there was still one dickhead to contend with in the last ½ mile. Myself and this guy had been trading places for about the last two mile and as we were coming up to six miles he passed me again and said “That’ll be the last time you get past me.” In the tone of his voice I knew this wasn’t banter but saying something like that was just like a red rag to a bull. I knew I had enough to get past him one last time but didn’t want to lose my legs right at the end. Because he’d been such a dick though I just went for it and went for it I did as once I picked up the pace to pass him I didn’t ease off and pushed myself right to the finish and in doing so pipping someone right on the line to move up another position.

Name: Steven J Claringbold Club: DH Runners Age: 33 M/F: Male Finish Time: 49.11 Position: 75

This was a great moment for me as I’d been pushing to break the 50 minute barrier for a 10k distance for the last 12 months. I’d come close a few times and I’d thought I was forever destined to be a 50 minute 10k runner. Of course breaking personal bests means you have to set another so now I’ll be looking at getting as close to 45 minutes as possible. Whether my body will let me do that or not is another story.

It was a decent run out for all the DH Runners and nice to see so many of the Carlisle parkrunners taking part as well.

Carlisle Tri-Club 10k

It has been a pretty decent first half of the year so far, I’d broken two hours for a half marathon and now I’d broken 50 minutes for a 10k. With the exception of missing Lancaster Three Bridges and Keswick Half I’m pretty pleased with how things have gone.

After this run I was off on holiday to EuroDisney where I knew that upon my return my Marathon Training was waiting for me to get stuck in.


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