Changing your running shoes

A nice little article on changing your running shoes. Like this blogger I too rotate a new pair in as I’m coming to the end life of my old ones. You can’t run in them forever so make sure you change them out every 300 (ish) miles otherwise you may be heading for an injury.
My tip: Buy two (or three, or four) pairs of a trainer you like to run in as styles are often phased out. By the time you come to the end life of your running shoe you may find it difficult to get hold of another pair.

Bad Angel Rules for Running

Don’t Wait Too Long for New Kicks.

As a rule of thumb, running shoes last about 300 miles, but there are other factors to consider.

  • Heavier people will wear out shoes faster.
  • Running in “the elements” will wear out shoes faster.
  • Sporting your running shoes when you’re not running will wear out shoes faster.

And so on and so forth …

Be sure to keep track of how many miles you’re putting on your shoes (the Nike+ app allows you to do that, another reason we love it).

Here’s my method: Once I start to approach 300 miles, I’ll buy a new pair and rotate them into my workouts. The first week or two, I’ll do my short runs in the new shoes and long runs in the old. Then, I’ll switch to the new ones full time and save the old ones for rainy days (literally).

So what’s the…

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