Run a Marathon ‘they’ said

Run a Marathon they said. You’ll enjoy it they said. You’ll have no problems completing it they said. The training will be fun they said.

I don’t know who this ‘they’ are but they are clearly mental.

The Marathon is now 5 weeks away and my race simulation training has begun.

Over the past two months of training I was surprised by how much of a drain it takes on time. There’s a massive commitment that needs to be made when training for a marathon. Not just on your part but on the part of your family as well. I’m pretty certain that once I’ve scratched this itch that will be it. One and out for me regardless of whether I finish or not.

For the stats geeks

In July my total mileage was 70.03 miles which was completed in a total time of 10 hours 02 minutes and 56 seconds.

In August my total mileage was 94.16 miles which was completed in a total time of 13 hours 21 minutes and 17 seconds.

That’s a total of 164.19 miles in 23 hours 24 minutes and 13 seconds. (I know, I know I can add up and I’m this good looking…some people get all the breaks right?)

Running shoes - kswissThese are the trainers I’m hoping will get me through The Chester Marathon.

Today I was meant to run 17.5 miles. I’d come off a night shift so I was a bit knackered and the weather wasn’t the best so I wasn’t looking forward to it. I was aiming for about 2 hours and 30 minutes and once I’d had a fair bit to eat I felt up for it.

It started off well. Having done the first six miles in 50 minutes I thought I was going to do well. Even the next six miles went pretty well which was completed in 51 minutes. It started to go a bit downhill after that though, the wind had started to take it’s toll on me a little. My breathing was fine but my body was a little battered. The last three miles contained hill after hill after hill (I’m cursed by where I live, whichever way you go you hit a hill). In the end I submitted to defeat and changed my course a little to head home. I ended up doing 16.3 miles in 2 hours 25 minutes. I’m still pretty happy with this but I’m disappointed that I couldn’t find a little push to get that last 1.5 miles in. However, I have got a little extra training in next Sunday when I take part in the Warrington half marathon which I also did last year. This will come on a day when I’m meant to be running a 7.5 mile run so the extra mileage that I’ll get in will be good.


The marathon will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I hope I have the mental and physical edge to get through it on the day. Fingers (and toes) crossed.

Run a marathon they said… you’ll enjoy it they said and do you know what? I just might.


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