Carlisle Resolution Run 10k – Sunday 19th January

I sometimes find myself waiting to enter a race for a long period of time before I decide to throw my name into the field of runners.

I don’t know why this is as some races I sign up for immediately whereas some I leave until the last possible moment.

Last night, on a fit of whimsy, I finally decided to sign up to the Resolution Run in my hometown of Carlisle which is being organised by Sport in Action.

This is a run I have done on many occasions but this will be the first time that medals are on offer for completion. Plus it also looks like the field of runners will be a lot bigger than it has been previously.

It will give me an idea of where I am fitness wise as I tend to lose a couple of minutes here and there in Winter. My previous fastest time for this route was 48 minutes but I’m expecting to be more around the 50-52 minute mark on this one as I tend not to pick up speed again until late March. ( I suppose I really need to do some speed work in Winter…remind me of this in September, I’m likely to forget).

The outing will again feature a lot of DH Runners so it will be a family affair with plenty of encouragement throughout.

So there we go, I’m in the race. If you’re in the area then sign up. It should be a good one.

Dream, Believe, Train, Achieve.


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