Carlisle Resolution 10k – Sunday 19th January 2014

Today (Sunday 19th January 2014) I ran the Carlisle Resolution 10k which was hosted by Sport In Action.

I started the day with really bad guts (Was it something I ate? Probably. My fridge/freezer is on the blink and I’m not overly trusting of the food we have in there at the moment) and it was touch and go at one point whether I’d actually manage to drag myself to the race or not.

Luckily after waking myself up a little with coffee and porridge I started to come around. Fellow DH Runner Nina was picking me up at 09:45 so we could get down to Carlisle Racecourse (Where the race started and finished) and pick up our numbers and chips before it started to get a bit manic.

The race itself started at 11:00 and once we’d pinned our numbers on it was a case of waiting around and taking numerous trips back and forth to the toilet. I’m not sure whether this is now a psychological thing or whether I do really have a weak bladder or not.
Just as it got to about 10:30 I felt like death warmed up. I had the shakes and this sudden urge to throw up. I’ve genuinely never had really bad nerves on race day so all I can put it down to is the fact that something was in my system that I needed to get out. I very nearly didn’t run but come 10:50 and the pre-race briefing I suddenly perked back up again and felt fine…I’m thinking that the caffeine finally kicked in.
The race started just outside the Racecourse and was an out and back 10k course which took us through Durdar.

There were a number of DH Runners taking part in this one whereas a few more had gone down Preston way to take in the Inskip Half Marathon. As we were talking it became apparent that not many were confident of good times due to injury, nerves or having a bit of a sickness bug. But off we all trailed to the start line aiming to battle through and heed the DH Runners motto “Go Hard or Go Home”.

DH Runners
As the race started it became apparent about half a mile in that I’d set off too fast. I was checking my sportswatch and realised that I was doing about 6 minute miles. It was time to hit the brakes or my body would no doubt fall to pieces before I’d even got halfway through. I slowed down to a steady 7:20-7:30 pace and tried to hold that until 3 miles and see what I had left in the tank.

When I run 10k’s (or even half marathons for that matter) it takes me about 3 miles to ease into the run. Those first three miles are a massive struggle for me but as soon as I get past it my body just loosens up and I’m good to go. Today was no different as the first 3 miles up to the water station I was really struggling with tired and tight legs and getting my breathing under control. Once I’d passed the water station though my legs just opened up and started to move past people.

I’d found myself in a really awkward situation of having a big group of runners about half a mile in front of me and a big group of runners about the same distance behind me. There was just me and one woman in between all these other runners and we had been trading places back and forth since about mile 2. I was determined to catch up to the pack in front of me though and I started to go through the gears and aim to catch them up.

It wasn’t until mile 5 that they were all in touching distance of me and it was here that I started to make a move and get in amongst the group. I had this sudden feeling though that I may have gone too early so I eased off until we turned back on to the road that leads back to the racecourse and the finish line.

With about half a mile to go I put the afterburners on and managed to get past six runners and finished with another sub 50 minute 10k…just. My finishing time was down as 49 minutes 44 seconds. I must say I was surprised as I honestly didn’t think I’d manage a sub 50 minute time the way I’d been feeling. But the legs must have wanted it more and eased up enough to guide me home.

As all the DH Runners gathered together it appeared that a good time was had by all. To the point where we are now deeming Sunday 19th January 2014: ‘PB Sunday’.

Good news was also coming back from the guys down at Inskip who had also had a pretty decent day PB wise.

The training was definitely paying off for all involved and in some way that can be attributed to the training runs we have as a group on Tuesday’s, parkrun and Jantastic. And if I can do those sorts of times with the excess weight I currently have imagine what I can do when I shed some pounds.

Well, that’s the first competitive race of the year out of the way. I did slightly better than I thought I would have and the first medal of the year as well. Attention now turns to Barcelona and completing my half marathon training over the next few weeks. This is one that I definitely want to run a little slower as I want to take in the scenery as I run rather than run past it full pelt and see nothing.


Dream, Believe, Train, Achieve.


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