Tri and tri again

August 2012: “Are you mental? I’ll never do a tri, sometimes I have difficulty putting one foot in front of the other to get this running malarkey right.”

October 2013: “You’re signing up for another tri!!! Best of luck but it’s definitely not for me.”

The above are actual conversations I had with a friend about triathlons.

So here I find myself in January 2014 sitting in a dentist’s waiting room. But Steve, this is a blog about running not teeth…I know, I know but let me set the scene.

The dentist was late and my Ipod needed charged. To quell the boredom I picked up a magazine. The magazine I picked up was 220 Triathlon. I was intending to read the running sections but I suddenly found myself drawn in to the racing guide section. I then saw some of the races that were taking place and started thinking to myself that I may be able to do some of these. I was drawn to The Blenheim Triathlon super sprint which was a 400m swim, 13.2km bike ride and then a 3.1km run.

Suddenly I had gone from never doing a triathlon to it being a possibility. Without thinking I also suddenly found myself looking at a racing bike. Then I suddenly found myself asking swimming coaches about how best to improve my swimming (which is, at best, poor).

I’ve now given myself a year to train for a triathlon.

I’m a total loon.

But I do like to Dream, Believe, Train, Achieve.


One thought on “Tri and tri again

  1. I signed up for the Blenheim Palace Sprint Triathlon last year as my first ever tri event. It was daunting on the run up but Loved it on the day. Good luck with the training and maybe see you there!

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