Keep Running – Boston Marathon 1 Year On.

April 15th 2013.

Twitter was suddenly abuzz with people saying that there had been, what they assumed was, a gas explosion at the Boston Marathon.

As events unfolded we were to find out that this was a terror attack. Two homemade bombs concocted from a pressure cooker had been placed near to the finish line. This was to eventually lead to the deaths of 3 spectators and 1 police officer. The spectators died at the scene they were Krystle Marie Campbell, 29, a restaurant manager from Medford, Massachusetts Lu Lingzi  was 23, a Chinese national and Boston University graduate student from Shenyang, Liaoning; and Martin William Richard, an eight-year-old boy from the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. On April 18 at about 10:48 pm, Sean A. Collier, 27, an MIT police officer was ambushed in his police car and died from multiple gunshot wounds allegedly from the bombing suspects.

I watched the events unfold on the news and via social media. Those who know me know that I never watch the news but this affected me more than I thought it would. In my mind I kept thinking about all those runners that were injured and the spectators who had turned up to cheer on their friends and families, in what should have been a happy and joyous event, who would never come home.

264 people were injured and at least 16 lost limbs at the scene or by amputation in a hospital later.

As the one-year anniversary of the bombing at the Boston Marathon approaches, photographer Robert X. Fogarty, known for his message-on-skin portrait project called “Dear World” asked marathon survivors, first responders and supporters to return to the finish line.

The link below provides some of the photos that were taken. If these pictures don’t inspire you then nothing will.

Love truly is stronger than terror and Boston truly is strong.

In memory of:

Krystle Marie Campbell
Lu Lingzi
Martin William Richard and
Sean A. Collier.


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