Moorclose 10k

“What’s this Steve?” I hear you ask. (Or maybe it’s the voices in my head, I can’t be too sure).

“You’ve sneaked in a run that nobody knew you were planning on doing.” Yes, yes I have.

The Moorclose 10k was a close run thing and a last minute decision. It was only due to a kindly soul at work swapping shifts with me that enabled me to do it in the end.

This was to be another outing for the DH Runners. As it was the run fell on a Tuesday night which just happens to be the night we take the running group out so it was a perfect excuse for a road trip.

Andrew and Kev had taken part in the Fred Whitton biking challenge on the Sunday so they were to be our support crew although I’m pretty sure they would’ve preferred to have been in their run gear at the start line.

The route was essentially part of the Workington parkrun course just extended a bit further to enable it to become a 10k. It was a 5k run out and then turn around and back again for the next 5k.


The weather was lovely and there was just a slight hint of a breeze in the air which would ensure that it wasn’t too hot.

As we lined up on the start line the organiser advised us that on our return there would be a buffet which would include cake. He needed to say no more…I was going to utilise all my muscles and bust every sinew to get back for cake.

As soon as I started I knew that I had set off too fast. But for the first time I had decided that I was going to keep this pace going for as long as I could. I knew that if I could sustain the pace for three miles I would eventually ease into it. It was going to hurt a bit and it was certainly going to test the previously injured calf but I was determined that I was going to have a blast at this one and see what I could achieve.

I ended up knocking the first 1k out in 4 minutes 21 seconds. I obviously knew that I was going to be able to keep that up throughout but I was confident of keeping it around there. My aim was to beat my 10k personal best and this being a fairly flat course it was perfect conditions to give it the old college try.


As predicted I hit 3 miles at (time) and started to feel like I was easing into the run. There were a few people ahead of me that I had been wanting to keep up with and, as I started to feel more comfortable, I felt myself getting a bit faster and being able to catch and then pass them.

Once I hit 8k at 38 minutes I knew that I had a bloody good shot at smashing my PB. There were now only two people in sight ahead of me and my aim was to catch them up. I caught them both at 9k and we had a bit of a back and forth until they went past me. As it was they ended up heading in the wrong direction to the finish line and I passed them again. The sight of the DH Runners flag also gave me fresh impetus and I wasn’t going to budge this time. Knowing I was nearing the finish line I put everything into holding on to my position and finishing with a cracking time.

DH Runnersflag
I was well impressed when my watch said 47 minutes 13 seconds. However, I knew it would be a few seconds out as I didn’t start it straight away at the start.

On checking the results the next day I found out that I was down as having finished at 47 minutes 17 seconds.

That is nearly a 2 minute personal best. I was well chuffed.

When I was speaking to Kev a bit later I told him that I felt like I still had a little bit more to give so I still think that a sub 45 minute 10k is achievable for me.

As all the other DH Runners filtered in it seemed like everyone had had a very good night indeed.

Position       Time   Number Forename Surname     Club
5                   34.42  115         Paul            Graves              DH Runners
79                 47.17   118         Steven       Claringbold   DH Runners
122              54.05   32          Lindsay      Graham          DH Runners
130              55.56   156        Michelle     Mackay           DH Runners
141              59.05   101        Sarah         Hamilton         DH Runners
148             62.23    310        Adrienne   Harris              DH Runners
157             65.28    103        Frances     Braithwaite    DH Runners

Remember I was talking about the cake…well the lemon drizzle cake was to die for.

“What’s that Steve, You took three slices?”

Yes, yes I did…but that’s just between you and me right?

Dream, believe, train, achieve.


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