Carlisle Tri Club 10k – 4th June 2014

I’ve taken part in the Tri Club/Sport in Action 10k route three times now.

The first being in January 2013 where I completed the course in 50:46.

The second in June 2013 where I completed the course in 49:11 and the third in January 2014 where I completed the course in 49:44.

It’s a good course which is relatively flat with a few small climbs and decent times are definitely achievable.

There were a load of DH Runners and Tuesday night running club runners taking part in this one and it was also a good outing for Carlisle parkrunners. It was so nice to see people chatting and socialising before the run. These were people that didn’t know each other a year previously and, thanks to parkrun, DH Runners and other running groups, they were all now friends/acquaintances sharing a love of running and also socialising outside of running as well.

I’d got talking to fellow DH Runner Wayne before the run and he was hopeful of a decent time around 47 minutes so we’d decided to try and pace round together at about 7 minutes 30 second miles.

It was great to see loads of people giving it a bash for the first time as well. These were people who struggled to complete 3 miles a few months previously and now they were giving a 10k a go. The running group sessions certainly seemed to be working and encouraging people to push on. What was also encouraging was hearing them say they now felt ready to tackle the cross border 10k in August and The Cumbrian Run Half Marathon in October. Brilliant!!! It certainly makes myself and the other run leaders chuffed to bits that we’ve helped in their development and prepared them right for runs like these.

The run started as per usual. Everyone set off like a rocket and it’s hard not to get carried away. Within half a mile I checked the watch to find we were running 6 minute 59 second mile pace. TOO FAST!!! We kept around this pace for the first mile and tried to settle in. Wayne was pulling a way a bit but I was determined to keep up with him for as long as I could. I knew that I would fall away at some point but the longer I kept that pace up the better chance I had of pulling in a decent time.

Both feet off the floor...FLYING
Both feet off the floor…FLYING

We got to three miles at just over 23 minutes. That was what we’d hoped for and now it was just a case of keeping that pace up for the next three miles. Four miles in and I told Wayne to bash on and finish as I was going to drop off. I was starting to feel a bit dodgy in the stomach department so I thought I’d drop the pace down just a tiny bit.

Over the next two miles I was aware that there were people behind me but I could also tell that it wasn’t a lot of people. By mile 5 only two people had passed me and I was ok with that. I could tell that there was one runner on my tail and as we approached six miles she passed me. I honestly thought she was going to kick on and I wouldn’t be able to catch her but she didn’t and we approached the entrance to the racecourse more or less side by side. I heard the DH Runners support crew (who had been marshalling the event) shouting from a car behind me which spurred me on to kick the legs up and get moving. With this I pushed on past the lady next me and took off.

With a final kick I sprinted to the finish line for a time of 48:14. I’d placed 74th which is now in keeping with my aim of staying in the top 75. Wayne had smashed it with a time of 46:10. I think I would’ve thrown up if I’d kept that pace up. The Tuesday night curry certainly hadn’t sat very well throughout that run…

Final push to the finish. Feeling a little pained.
Final push to the finish. Feeling a little pained.

As the rest of the DH Runners came in it was clear that all had achieved fantastic times. It was such a great outing again. It’s so good to see DH Runners showing up at local races and becoming known around the county. We’ve come a long way in a few years.


Dream, believe, train, achieve.


3 thoughts on “Carlisle Tri Club 10k – 4th June 2014

  1. Great blog and write up on the Carlisle Tri 10k! Congrats on a great time too!

    The running community is such an awesome community and had helped me hugely! What you guys have done by making Carlisle Parkrun such a great event is absolutely huge!
    I ran my first Parkrun in Feb 2013 and have found the amazing support and encouragement invaluable! It has spurred me on to push myself further & further! So massive kudos & thanks to you guys!

    1. You’ve done amazing as well Tristan.

      It’s great to see people pushing themselves on from 10k’s to 10 miles to half marathons and, in some cases, on to marathons.

      That’s not to devalue those who are happy just running parkrun every week though. It’s just satisfying on a personal level to see people push on…and enjoying it as well.

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