Never say never again. (Or how I fell into marathon training…again)

Last year I uttered the immortal words…

“One and out.”

I was referring to running a marathon of course.

Gradually, as the pain wore off and I got back into 10k/Half Marathon fitness I found myself thinking more and more about running a marathon again.

For one, I wanted to better my time and hopefully get under 4 hours and for another I wanted to call myself a multiple marathon finisher.

So here I find myself at the start of June 2014 beginning marathon training for the second time. This time I’m taking it a bit more seriously as last years goal was to finish and finish safe whereas this years goal is to finish in 3 hours 58 minutes…all being well. I also went into last years training following a bout of illness so I had to more or less build my base fitness back up. This year, however, I’ll be going in at half marathon fitness with a decent amount of 10k’s and half marathons under my belt.

I’m following a training plan from Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas and it’s certainly intense.


The longest weeks training will take me up to 55 miles in a week. Where I’ll find the time I never know.

So for the next 18 weeks I’ll be dreaming of lactate threshold runs, general aerobic runs, recovery runs and pace runs with a shed load of speed and hill training thrown into the mix.

So as Sean Connery said in his unofficial James Bond role…

“Never say never again.”

Bring on Chester in October.

Dream, Believe, Train, Achieve


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