Thunder Run playlist

This Friday the DH Runners team will be heading to Walton upon Trent to take part in the Adidas Thunder Run.

The Thunder Run is a 24 hour relay race (or solo race if that floats your boat) over a 10k distance. Starting at Midday on the Saturday and going right through to Midday on the Sunday it’ll be a mixture of light and dark and warm and not so warm plus camping. In 2013’s edition the Saturday night saw storms and thunder and lightning. Personally I’m hoping the weather will not include storms.

To commemorate our trip I’ve decided to put together a playlist in celebration of the Thunder run:

Amii Stewart – Knock on wood.

It’s like Thunder, Lightning the way you love me is frightening. You better knock on wood. Released in 1979 this was an instant dance classic and has been covered and re-released on numerous occasions since. I was never sure what wood she was knocking on though…

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams.

Infinitely better than The Corrs version. Thunder only happens when it’s raining, players only love you when they’re playing. Released in 1977 on the superb Rumours album it still remains as one of the best known, if not the best known, Fleetwood Mac songs.

AC/DC – Thunderstruck.

You’ve been Thunderstruck…Released in 1990 on The Razor’s Edge album this very quickly became an AC/DC classic on a par with Back in Black. Since it’s release it has been used in numerous videos and as the soundtrack for many sporting events including Wrestlemania 26. For those about to run in a 24 hour relay race…WE SALUTE YOU.

East 17 – Thunder

A 1994 release for the hard men of British pop this one sadly is a product of its time. Let’s face it, it’s not great…drum machine beats and a moody looking video.

Ted the movie – Thunder Song (Thunder  buddies for life)…Warning explicit lyrics.

Granted, not technically a song but it certainly encapsulates how I feel about thunder.

Thundercats – Thundercats Theme Tune

On Saturday I imagine I’ll be getting a bit tedious when I start my runs singing Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Run to the theme of Thundercats. I can, and will, be carrying it right through until Sunday though or until someone punches me in the face.

Wish us luck it looks set to be an interesting weekend. #Allin24



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