I was asked by the good people at JoggBox if I would like to try a sample box.

I was intrigued.

In fact I had been intrigued by JoggBox for a while. I’d seen a few adverts here and there and wondered what the premise was.

As it turned out it’s a pretty similar business model to Graze which I already subscribe to.

You sign up, they send you a box every month. Bob’s your uncle… (well he’s not my Uncle but he might be yours.)

So when the box arrived I was excited to find out what I had been sent.


I had received the following:

A copy of Running Fitness
A pair of Kymira sports socks
2 packs of Elivar Hydrate Plus
3 Body Shot Energy Gels
A pack of Urban Fruit Pineapple
A pack of laces
Actisnack Fruit, Nut and Seed
2 x Miracle Tree Teas
Chia Charge flapjack.

To explain JoggBox I went to their website and lifted this information.


The first monthly subscription box in the UK designed for runners and aspiring athletes. Each month, as a member you will receive a box filled with new and exciting running products, mailed to your front door for only £15. It contains everything from energy products, gels, chews, protein shakes/supplements, nutrition bars, and a lot of other accessories!

JoggBox is a smart and innovative idea if you are keen to take your running performance to the next level! With so many products coming out on the market, be certain JoggBox will find the best to suit your needs!

I’ll certainly be giving JoggBox a try in the future. I like the premise and they have interesting brands such as High5, Chia Charge, Nuun, Urban Fruit, Running Fitness and many more at their disposal. They also seem to be looking to add more brands to offer an even wider range to their consumers.

It’s worth a look and certainly seems to be worth the money. If they can continue to send a wide variety of products then it’ll definitely be worth it.

Anyway, you don’t have to read any more of me banging on about it. Give it a look for yourselves.


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