Ever since Andrew and Kev got me on board with DH Runners, and I became the third wise man, the goal was always to work towards becoming affiliated to England Athletics.

2014 was always going to be about building the group up and getting a profile. With plenty of DH Runners taking part in runs throughout the country we more than did that. Putting on events such as The Magic Mile has also got the word out.

With four new run leaders qualified and in place this year the ability was now there to put on a beginners running group which started on Thursday November 20th. This is on top of our Tuesday night social run and, what we hope to become regular, track sessions on a Wednesday night.

Which brings me back to affiliation. The following is a post that hit the DH Runners webpage ( this weekend;

We are very pleased to announce that the DH Runners recent application to become an affiliated club to England Athletics has been successful.

Over the past 2 years we have grown from strength to strength with affiliation being our ultimate goal. Now it has been achieved we promise to keep the club running in the same friendly and all inclusive manner that our runners have become accustomed to.

There will be no immediate change with the day to day goings on with DH Runners but over the next few months we will continue working hard to establish ourselves as THE running club to be part of.

Memberships for the club will begin in April 2015 to coincide with the England Athletics annual membership.

In the meantime we hope you continue to enjoy running with the club and will join us in celebrating this fantastic news.

Go Hard or Go Home

Kev, Andrew & Steve

We’re excited and enthused about what the future has to offer and 2015 leads us into another year of discovery and growth as a club.


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