NOVEMBER CATCH-UP (Lancaster Half Marathon and Brampton 10 Miler).

Hey all,

It has been a busy month so I thought, for a change, I’d roll two races into one in this post.

I’d come out of Chester Marathon feeling great. This was a complete contrast to the previous year as it took me ages to get running again but this time I was out and about two days later.

With that in mind, while I still had the fitness, I signed up to the Lancaster Half Marathon which took place on the 2nd of November.

This one started and finished from the same place as the Three Bridges 10k which I’d taken part in at the start of April.

So we all headed down to Salt Ayre sports centre on the Sunday morning. In total there were 6 DH Runners taking part in this one.

It was a pretty decent run all in all. The first couple of miles were by road and then, for about five miles, it was a run by a river path so there were a few slippy leaves to contend with.

From there it was a big loop to get you back onto the river path again for the final stretch.

I felt pretty good throughout until I got to about 10 miles and the energy started to sap and my calves started to tighten. So, rather than risk injury, I slowed down a bit. It really was just about finishing this one for me and keeping my fitness ticking over throughout November, December and January. I was more than happy to finish with a chip time of 1:53:30 and a gun time of 1:53:36.

Lancaster Half Marathon

Andrew had finished with a chip time of 1:32:08
Tony had finished with a chip time of 1:38:56 and
Ian had finished with a chip time of 1:42:20.

There were two DH Runners in the top ten as well with Gravesy finishing with a chip time of 1:18:12 and Harky finishing with a chip time of 1:20:42. Pretty good outing all round.

The wind was a bit hellish throughout and my breathing had struggled a bit so I wasn’t surprised when I was struggling a little on the way home. Thankfully a brief rest stop and some water, grapes and blueberries solved that problem.

Which brings me to the Brampton to Carlisle 10 Miler. This one took place on the 16th November with an 11:30 start from Brampton. With it being a local race there were a plethora of DH Runners taking part.

I’d run this race previously in 2012 and fully intended to do it again in 2013 but I just didn’t have the fitness by the time it rolled around. So, feeling good this time, I signed up and turned up with my DH Runners brethren to put in a decent outing. I was aiming to beat my 2012 time of 1:23:42 and I had the felt like I had a good run of fitness and experience behind me to get it done.

We set of at 11:30 and literally 30 seconds in to the race, despite having double knotted it, my left lace came undone. I didn’t want to stop straight away as the crowd would have engulfed me so it was about a mile down the road before I could veer away and get it tied. It was difficult trying to tie it with my gloves but I got it done, that was until mile 2 when it came undone again. So yet again I veered off to the side and tied it again taking a bit more care to get it done properly this time. As it was it never came undone again.

I was playing catch up a bit now. With eight miles to go I thought I’d run a little faster than usual for the next five miles and see where I was at the end of that. That would put me at seven miles and I’d be able to work out how fast I’d have to do the next three miles in to achieve my goal.

brampton to carlisle

I was pretty happy up to mile seven all was going well and I’d run a fairly decent race up to that point. I was starting to struggle a little from eight miles on but once I hit the nine mile mark I knew I was nearly there. Another DH Runner, Susan, appeared just after nine miles and gave me a bit of an impetus to get my arse in gear and push on for the finish.

As we passed Rickerby Park I started to kick on and was gearing up for the sprint finish. I knew where the finish line was this time so I knew exactly where to kick.

A sprint finish later and I crossed the line at 1:20:54. Job done. Although for some reason I spent the next few weeks convincing myself that my previous 10 mile pb was 1:20:46. It wasn’t until researching this that I found out it was 1:23:42. So there you go, I did set myself a new PB.

brampton to carlisle2

November ended in a bit of a dramatic fashion as our second child arrived in the world two weeks ahead of schedule. So for now the training is hitting the backburner and family life comes to the fore. My next run will be Inskip Half Marathon on January 18th. With a pretty decent base fitness and mileage I only really need to up my training towards the end of December.

Dream, Believe, Train, Achieve.


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