Frustration takes hold

I’ve been frustrated for a while now… So, what’s got my knickers in a twist? Well it’s mainly down to the following: Running Magazines and diet fads. I’ve been buying running magazines pretty much since I started running in 2009. Lately though, I find myself extremely frustrated with their articles. One month they’re telling me […]

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So, here I was just sitting minding my own business sitting with my nearly 8 week old daughter in my arms when a programme came on tv called Saints and Scroungers. If you’ve never seen it before the premise is simple. Matt Allwright (from Rogue Traders/Watchdog fame) tells us the story of some people ripping […]

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2015 – Calendar of Events.

As it stands, my current plan for 2015 is as follow (a few old favourites with some duathlon/triathlon’s thrown in for good measure…and, after a two year absence, the return of The Great Cumbrian Run). January 18th – Inskip Half February 1st – Carlisle Resolution 10k 22nd – Blackpool Half March 15th Carlisle Tri Club Duathlon […]

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