Frustration takes hold

I’ve been frustrated for a while now…

So, what’s got my knickers in a twist? Well it’s mainly down to the following:

Running Magazines and diet fads.

I’ve been buying running magazines pretty much since I started running in 2009. Lately though, I find myself extremely frustrated with their articles.

One month they’re telling me that red meat is good for me and a couple of months later it’s bad. One issue I’m told that compression socks are AMAZING and the next they do nothing and I shouldn’t bother spending my money on them.

The article that tipped me over the edge though was this one from Runner’s World:

Should runners jog in place at stoplights?

This came with the tagline: Sharks die if they stop moving, runners do not.

I read the article and suddenly became aware that I was being preached to. I was more or less being told that I was stupid for keeping my legs moving when I’m stopped by traffic. I also came to this conclusion…I’ll do what I want. If it works for me then I’ll keep on doing it, I’m stubborn that way. Literally, the next article told me that stretching before a run was useless and yet again I was an idiot for doing it. Now, I’ve always stretched before a run and after (dynamic before, static after) and I’ve never had a serious injury since I’ve done this. Twice I didn’t stretch properly before football and twice I pulled my hamstring…that was all the evidence I needed to prove to me that stretching is necessary. Again, if it works for me I’ll carry on doing it.

Now I’m all for advice and things that will benefit my running but I will NOT be preached to and I will not put blind faith in magazines that contradict themselves every other month.

As far as diet fads go I’ve been having conversations with people regarding certain crash diets that are totally unsustainable. These diets are generally cash cows for the distributors and the subject will probably lose weight in the short term…chances of putting that weight back on though is high. One diet suggests that you go on it for 40 weeks. The price of the diet per week £220. All I say is, these distributors will show you success stories. They’ll show you the before and after but what they won’t show you is after the after. Do your research, look them up on the internet, see if they have any complaints, speak to a qualified nutritionist and look at the ingredients that are pumped in to some of these things. Please, if only for yourself, be aware of what you are buying into.

Like I say, I’ve been frustrated for a while now. Writing it down has exorcised some demons though.

Look after yourselves.


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