Music inspiration/motivation

With the marathon looming in Manchester I find myself turning to music to get pumped up pre training run. One of my go to songs is Can’t Slow Down by Foreigner. Watch the video and then read the lyrics…it’s guaranteed to give you some get up and go. “Can’t Slow Down”  Feel the blood rushing through my […]

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Live Long and Prosper

I apologise here for a slight deviation from running (although at some point during this we’ll veer back, wait and see). Today, 27/02/2015, we lost Leonard Nimoy. Unashamedly I was a fan, a big fan and words cannot express how gutted I am about this. I was brought up on Star Trek and, having a […]

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Great North West Half Marathon (Blackpool) Review – Four Seasons in One Day.

February 2014: “Never again, never freaking ever again.” Although I didn’t say freaking…I’ll leave you to substitute. That was my experience of Blackpool last year. To be fair, I had done the Barcelona half marathon the week before and the contrast in experiences was sizeable. So, why I found myself signing up to the 2015 […]

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All roads lead to…

They say that I’m an impulsive idiot. Whoever ‘they’ are… I wish they’d stop though, it hurts my feelings. But, they are correct. I am impulsive…and a bit of an idiot. I’d like to think my wife enjoys this implusivity. I mean, it’s lead to a wonderful trip to Barcelona in the past. Granted she […]

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Steve’s Personal Best List

I’ve been scratching my head for months now when people ask me what my PB’s are…so I’ve done a bit of digging and I’m pretty confident that these are my PB’s over recorded/competitive events. 1 mile:    6:29 (Magic Mile Sept 2013)   5K:         23:48 (parkrun – 27th Sept 2014)    10K:         47:17 (Moorclose 10k 2014)      […]

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