Resolution Run 10k (1st February 2015)

The last attempt at the Carlisle Resolution 10k on 18th January was cancelled. If you remember, this was also the Sunday I forgot to wake up for Inskip Half Marathon.

Post Marathon and Christmas (and fatherhood) had not been kind to my waistline. Christmas was a gorge fest of food and then more food. As well as this I was catching meals on the fly and choosing quick options rather than healthy options. As it was I started the year well over a stone overweight. And I felt every pound of it. I’ve managed to shift 5 pounds of this in January but the next target is to shift a stone. I’m hoping that it will simply be a case of eating right and starting my triathlon training which will be enough to see the pounds start to shift.

So, having arrived at the Resolution Run I wasn’t overly expecting anything in the way of a PB. I wasn’t expecting much time wise to be honest. Having ran the route a few times now though I was still fairly confident that I’d be able to pick time up in places if I wasn’t on pace. I was also a year older having had my birthday the day before so I was taking my age into account too. I’m starting to feel old now that I’m in my mid thirties.

Calendar pose - Mr February.
Calendar pose – Mr February.

The run was set to be another big DH Runners outing with it being local and it was great to see so many people in the DH colours beforehand. Since the dawn of the Tuesday night running group and the recently born Thursday night beginners running group DH Runners has grown exponentially. Not only that but there were so many faces that were parkrun regulars so it was a great atmosphere before the race as everyone had a chat beforehand while the odd photograph was being taken here and there.

In 2014, there was only 7 of us getting our picture taken at the Resolution Run.
In 2014, there was only 7 of us getting our picture taken at the Resolution Run.

It wasn’t long before the revised start of 12:00 rolled around. The start was pretty quick, it seemed to come out of nowhere. People just started moving and suddenly we were all off.


My first mile was a disgusting and stupid sub seven. Sensibly, I slowed down a bit and remained sub eight for miles 2 and 3. I grabbed some water at the water station and was passed a haribo heart (my favourite) which hit the spot. It was around mile 3 that I started trading places with a lady who had appeared. I wasn’t aiming to overtake her all the time as I was just trying to keep pace and picking my pace up on the downhills. But upon hitting 4 miles I was aware that a sub 50 finish was still in the offing. I’d managed to start to control my breathing a lot (asthma sucks) so I was feeling fairly strong in the backend of the run. I hit 5 miles at 42 minutes so I was still hopeful of a sub 50 finish. On the stretch to mile 6 we swapped places a couple of times until we hit the entry to the racecourse where I saw my DH Runners crew cheering. This was enough of a spur to hit the Steve finish, overtake her and cross the line at 49:42:05.

Race to the finish line.
Race to the finish line.

My finish time last year? 49:44. I’m consistent I suppose.

This has given me enough indication that, once I lose the weight, I should have another good year. Next Christmas I will definitely not over indulge. I blame the boy taking me out for coffee and cake every other day. I must remember that I do not have the metabolism to cope with too much cake.

Next up is another DH Runners outing to Blackpool for the Great North West Half Marathon. I expect it to be windy…and there will be swearing. That’s if I manage to wake up and get the bus of course.

Many thanks again to Sport in Action ( for providing Carlisle with a great, and well organised, event.


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