Much like Optimus Prime my running plan is always likely to transform at some point.


Much like Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager it is constantly evolving.


Much like Roger Moore in The Persuaders Andrew is always likely to talk me into something…


How can you say no to that cheeky face?

I’m sure you get the point by now.

Which is why, when I was expecting a nice little 10k stroll in Lorton on a Saturday morning on the 21st of March, I now find myself having signed up for the Trimpell 20 miler on Sunday 22nd of March.

I can’t say I’m overly excited about the prospect but it makes sense distance wise considering I have a marathon four weeks after it to contend with.

On my current fitness level I’m hoping for a sub 3 hour finish at Trimpell. Although I’m guessing that this will be just under 3 hours mind.

Before that there’s the Carlisle Tri Club Duathlon to contend with at Kirkbampton.

As it stands I’m looking at finishing the whole thing in and around 1hour 35 minutes all being well. I’m still finding it hard getting used to the racing bike as I’ve been consistently on a mountain bike since the age of 12. Building up speed and just trusting myself to the bike is taking some getting used to. I also don’t like my feet being locked in as it makes me feel even less in control of what happens. But, I’m sure once I get my head around everything it’ll be fine. I’m quite happy with the transition from running to bike and back again as it doesn’t seem to take long for me to find my rhythm.

I must say though, the duathlon/triathlon/marathon training and the needs of a young baby, six year old child and a wife as well as working for a living is certainly taking it out of me. I’m constantly hungry and generally ready to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. As soon as I’m horizontal I’m asleep…for the time being though I’m managing. Once the marathon is over then things should even out a little time wise.

As far as fundraising goes I’m a quarter of the way to my target of £1,000. With £165 in online donations and nearly £100 in offline donations I’m fairly pleased with how it’s going so far. We have the fundraising night in July which lots of lovely companies have provided raffle prizes for (a comprehensive list will be available in a later blog post) and a lot of other fundraising ideas in the pipeline as the year goes on. There’s talk of producing a calendar called ‘The Men of DH Runners’ although we’re still in the joking about it phase…whether it ever materialises is another thing entirely. I’d like to put my name down for Mr January if it does though.

You can find my fundraising page at:


You can follow me on Twitter: @SteveNaive1980

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