In, what I hope to be, a new regular monthly post I will be shining a spotlight on companies that you may not have heard of before.

Usually these will be running related but the first one will be a bit of a detour and I will be unleashing Queenie, Godfrey and Company to the wider world.


Queenie, Godfrey and Company is the brainchild of Jane Botham. You can find more about Jane here.

Having been invited to join the charity Cure Rett as a professional advisor, it became apparent that there was a lack of high quality clothing specifically designed for feeding tube users, wheelchair users, back brace and splint wearers. It has taken many months, lots of prototypes and lots of testing by dedicated mums and children, to come up with suitable designs. They now, however, have a wide range of items available on their website.

Queenie, Godfrey and Company was set up as children’s clothing company with a difference. Their clothes are inclusive which means that kids with additional needs can happily wear the same clothes as those without. Their range of clothing has some items specifically adapted to help overcome the various challenges faced by a-typical children. They aim to keep things as natural as possible using organic fibres and specially treated fabrics to keep things soft and snuggly.

When I first heard the name Queenie, Godfrey and Company I wondered where the name came from. Their website reveals the answer though;

You may be wondering who Queenie is, and indeed, who Godfrey and Company are. Queenie is a rather scatty cat with a beautiful grey coat, who has a liking for wearing crowns. Unfortunately, she has a habit of mislaying it. This leads to all kinds of mis-adventures with her best friend Godfrey. You can follow their happenings on our blog page.

Godfrey is a rather sweet, raggle taggle duckling who is completely devoted to Queenie and follows her everywhere.

The other members of the Company are Robin – he’s a rather friendly and inquisitive robin; Oscar a rather overweight but wise, owl and Freda – she is a fox- and the rather over protective mother figure always on the look out for danger. She is very shy so you will have to keep a sharp look out for her as you look through the website.

They currently have an online shop via their website and the merchandise range currently houses The Dixie Dress, The Emlyn Apron and The Holly T-Shirt.

You can find a how to video on youtube explaining how it all works below:

You can find Queenie, Godfrey and Company at their website.

On Facebook.

And over on Twitter.

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