Triathlon Training – A week where I finally got my head around it.

I’m not a swimmer. I’m not even close…

So when I signed up to some Triathlons this year I knew I was going to be in trouble with this discipline.


Some people have tried to coach me and point me in the right direction and for that I thank them. But I just wasn’t feeling it. Running seemed to come naturally and the fact I’ve been cycling every week since I was Seven meant that the only thing I needed to work on was technique and getting used to racing bikes instead of mountain bikes. Swimming, however, just never came naturally. I’ve only ever done back stroke since I nearly drowned when I was a teenager so it was a shock to the system to have to start doing front crawl and breast stroke at the age of 35. It’s all a confidence thing I guess but I still wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be and it was frustrating me no end.

I ended up taking a couple of weeks off from the swimming in the build up to the duathlon so when I went back to it this week it was with some trepidation.

But I got fairly lucky with the pool and there was only myself and a couple of other people in at any one time. Before I knew it I’d knocked out 200m in about eleven minutes. It wasn’t continuous, if it had been I would imagine it would be more towards eight/nine minutes, but it suddenly felt better. I wasn’t putting any pressure on myself and it suddenly clicked in my mind where I was going wrong. I was putting far too much focus on technique and trying to get it all right. I think though, much like my running, that I just need to go out and do it for a bit and get my head around just swimming and getting some distance in. Technique can be worked on but in my own head I think I just need to know that I can do the distance before I work on other things. Maybe it’s all wrong but that’s just the way I’m wired up.

So this week I’ve managed to swim, bike, run on the same day:

Swim = 200m
Bike = 8k
Run = 4 miles.

This isn’t far off what I’ll be doing come Triathlon day so with 3 months to go I think I may be starting to crack it.


At the end of this week though I can safely say that I don’t hate swimming as much as I did a few weeks ago. I hope it stays that way.

I might just be able to do this you know.


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