It’s only March 2015 and already plans are being made for 2016.

It was recently announced that there would be a long distance triathlon in 2016 in Cumbria called The Lakesman. This event is to be held on the 19th June.

You can find more on The Lakesman here.

2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.

I’m sorely tempted to enter but I’m convinced that I won’t be able to swim 2.4 mile by next year. So the relay may be an option. Let someone else take up the slack on the swim and either do the bike or the run leg. This, in turn, will give me some experience in the hope of eventually doing the Ironman distance.

I’d like to do a half ironman first before hitting the long distance. Baby steps Steve, baby steps…

Meanwhile, I’m considering putting in for the 2016 version of the Cleveland Steelman. This is a middle distance triathlon which will hopefully put me on the right track towards a full ironman.

Will I do a Marathon in 2016? God knows…I said after my first one I wouldn’t do another one and then did another one. I said I would never do a spring marathon and find myself doing a spring marathon this year but if I end up doing the run leg of The Lakesman I guess I will be doing a marathon.

One things for sure, steps will be made towards Ironman distance. It may be an unreachable goal but you don’t know until you try I suppose.

Challenge accepted.


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