Keswick Round The Houses 10k – April 22nd 2015.

Just three days shy of Manchester Marathon I found myself heading down to Keswick to watch the Round The Houses 10k.

Well, I say watch. The idea on the morning was to go down and watch some of the DH Runners taking part. But, having stretched my legs the night before on a training run I thought to myself that I might as well have a go and take it easy.

So, packed into a car with Andrew, Lindsay and their kids, we made our way down to Keswick on the evening as it was a 7pm start.

The event had been organised by Keswick AC and had been running for a few years.

It’s essentially an out and back course taking you through Keswick town centre before turning back and heading back to Fitz Park. There’s a couple of big climbs on the route but, as they say, what goes up must come down so there were some amazing drops to gain time if you could control yourself.

Once signed up it was time for a pre-race photo. Six DH Runners had made the trip to Keswick to take part and we’re hoping that next time we can get even more down to take part as it really is a lovely scenic area to run in.


We set off at 7pm and it was immediately evident that my legs were not going to let me take this one slow. Hitting the first mile just over seven minutes I’d decided that I would take this 10k as I found it and see how long my legs would carry me before they detonated.

It wasn’t long before the first climb and, although it was a slog, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

Hitting the downhill saw me opening up and running fast…really fast. I honestly don’t know where this energy was coming from. I really thought that my legs wouldn’t carry me through a quick 10k but they seemed to be going for it as much as I wanted to. 3 miles took 24 minutes…this boded well for a good finish time.

Heading back into Keswick Town Centre and I was starting to find it a little tough going but I was on the home stretch now and I was going to give it a good bash.

Back into Fitz Park for the finish and the muscle memory from all my track sessions kicked in and I was off like a rocket.

A loop round the park, moving up a few positions in the meantime, and I was done.

Finish time – 49:10 at position 119 out of 186.

Not bad all in all.

Race done and it was time for chips…and fishcake. MMM Fishcake.

I really surprised myself here and it’s showing that all the stretching, yoga, foam rolling and generally looking after my recovery from races is starting to pay dividends.

Next up is the Run For Her Life 10k in Cotgrave on May 3rd. I’ll also be taking part in the colour her life fun run on the day. I’m really, really looking forward to it.

Fundraising for Cure Rett continues and you can donate here.


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