Autumn Marathon, Spring Marathons…Marathons after Marathons.

So far in my running journey I’ve been sticking to one marathon a year for the last three years. But then I’ve never done a spring marathon before. There is now a huge Autumn marathon shaped hole in my schedule and I decided to fill it.

My Autumn marathon of choice is…

DRUM ROLL (Just do it in your head if you don’t have drums)

Dublin Marathon.


This will also entail a family trip so naturally it will be a logistical nightmare. We’ll work it out though we’ve got plenty of time.

I’ve also been planning my marathons for next year. I’ve decided to have another bash at Manchester and give it a better shot this time and I’ve entered the ballot for London next year as well. If I get in to London this will probably mean that I’ll be running two marathons with a short time frame (potentially a week). I guess we’ll find out in October if that’ll be the case or not, I’m hoping so as I really want to run in London.

Of course doing a marathon (or two) in spring next year will again leave me open to doing a marathon in Autumn 2016 too. I’m thinking I might have another go at Chester but part of me wants to head outside of the UK and have a go at Berlin, Frankfurt or Amsterdam. The world is my oyster…well, certain parts of the EU to be exact.

Chuck in the fact that I’ll be running the marathon leg of The Lakesman tri next year and it’s already shaping up to be a busy 2016.

There are a lot of marathons in my future.

I’m up for it though.

In other news, tickets are now on sale for the Cure Rett Fundraiser on July 18th. The event will be held at Morton Manor in Carlisle from 7pm and there are already some fantastic prizes for the raffle as well as some amazing prizes that are just about to be confirmed.

More info on that here.


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