In the aftermath of Manchester Marathon I’d still been relatively busy running wise and I hadn’t really had a chance to have a rest. So it was little wonder, heading into Moorclose, that I was starting to feel a few niggles and fatigue.

I’d been up with the birds again as I’d had an early start at work so by the time the evening rolled around I was not up for a run to be honest. Throw in the fact that it was chucking it down and the wind was howling and it was a perfect storm of not getting into the right mindset for a run.

But, I’d signed up and run I must. By the time we rolled up to Workington the rain had disappeared and the wind was dying down anyway. I’d perked myself up with a coffee and a sandwich and suddenly had my race head on.

45 DH Runners plus a few support crew had rocked up to the Moorclose 10k on a Tuesday evening. This was the evening that we usually held our social group run so it was effectively just transferring that from Carlisle to Workington for the evening. A few runners from the beginners class had turned up for their first run and it was great to see how nervous but also how excited they were at the start.


Last year at Moorclose I’d achieved a 10k PB. It had been a long time coming and I was hoping that there was still some residual benefits from the training that had gone into Manchester to help me achieve another PB this year.

My plan of attack was to ease my way into it for 1k and not head off to fast and then, once the legs were ticking over, start to pick up the pace.

Once we’d gotten the team photo and the warm up out of the way it was 7pm and time to run.

I had set off fairly sharp and getting onto 1k within 4 ½ minutes I was aware at how tired I was. The early starts had caught up with me that’s for sure. But, it was at that moment that fellow DH Runner Susan passed me. We’d had a back and forth and a few races in the last few months and it was obvious that she was going to keep me on my toes at this one. Not long after I started to find a rhythm and I was gaining speed and soon passed the pack that Susan was in. I knew she would be hot on my heels for the next 8k but, if anything, that was going to be the spur to get a move on.

As it’s an out and back course it wasn’t long until I started seeing the leading pack coming the other way. There were a few DH Runners that were flying and there were a few nods and shouts of encouragement as we all passed each other. At the 5k point, which was also the turning point, I checked my watch to see that I was just over 23 minutes. Keep this up and a PB is in the bag. There is a slight drag between 5k and 6k which I’d remembered about so I upped my pace at this point. I’d remembered that last year I’d slowed down at this point so I was keen to power through it this time.

Hitting 8k I was still passing people and the watch was ticking over to 38 minutes. My 10k PB was 47:17 and, if I could keep this pace up, I was looking good to beat it.

Just after 9k I heard a shout behind me warning me of the impending Susan who was hot on my heels. 400 metres to go and we were side by side but my sprint finish (and track work) kicked in at this point and I was off.

Finishing with a time of 46:58 at position 110 and I’d hit another 10k PB. I was edging ever nearer to the elusive sub 45 minute 10k and I knew there were places where I could have pushed harder if I’d had the belief to do so.

A quick stretch out and I jogged round with Kev to see the rest of the DH Runners flock in.

Everyone had had a brilliant race in the end and it was great to see so many smiling faces at the finish line.

There was time to get some buffet in and attend the prize giving where some DH Runners had won prizes and it was time to head home.

Cumberland AC had put on yet another brilliantly organised event and it was great to turn up as a group and support each other throughout.

I’ve certainly been reaping the benefits of my training and long may it continue. If I can keep knocking out PB’s again this year I’ll be happy.

Next up would be the Carlisle Urban Trail Race (more on that in the next post) and Blenheim Palace Triathlon on June 13th.

Fundraising continues for Cure Rett at Just-Giving. You can sponsor me here.

Also upcoming is a fundraising night on July 18th. Some local businesses, local sporting organisations and some major football clubs have been kind enough to donate some amazing prizes to raffle on the night. Tickets are £5 and you can find more information here.

Until next time.



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