Carlisle Tri 10k Review – 3rd June 2015

I was becoming a bit of a veteran at the Carlisle Tri Club 10k. In total I think I’ve ran the route about six times now (if you include the Resolution Run) and that’s not even taking into account some of the times I chuck it into a training run.

However, I was having a few calf issues leading up to the event which had seen two aborted training runs in the process.

My plan for the night was to just take it easy for a mile or two and see how I felt. There was no point battering myself as I had a lot of events coming up and the last thing I needed was an injury.

First things first though we needed to take a team photo. Since last year the group has grown exponentially and it’s amazing to see so many DH Runners taking part in their first events and reaping the rewards of all the training they’ve been doing.


With 7pm looming it was time to take our place on the start line. It was nice to see the field of runners awash with the black and red (or black and pink) of DH Runners as there was loads of team camaraderie going on in the build-up to the start. There were plenty of DH Runners out marshalling the course as well which was good.

Once we were underway I kept to my word and hit the first mile at around 8 minute mile pace and the second just under 8 minute mile pace. However, realising the calves were feeling not so bad I started to increase the pace from mile three onwards. Looking in the distance there was a group of about ten runners that I wanted to catch up so I started to aim for that as a target. Just after mile four I caught them up and passed them. My target heading up to mile five was to catch up with the next group of four runners. Upping the pace again for the next mile and I caught up the next group. With only a mile to go there were about five runners spaced out that I could feasibly catch.

10k-last mile

The last mile was potentially my quickest of the lot. I hit the downhill section leading up to the racecourse and I was fairly motoring at this point. Putting some distances into the last remaining runners and there was no-one else I could catch at this point. The last push up to the racecourse wasn’t too bad and I sprinted for the line for a fairly decent finish given my slow start.

finish sprint

I felt like I was going to throw up once I crossed the finish line mind. The heat had been fairly intense and the last couple of miles had taken it out of me a bit.

Finishing with a time of 47:24 I ended up being 114th place overall. With a field of 228 runners I’d finished bang on in the middle.

Carlisle Tri had put on another solidly organised, and enjoyable, event and it was great to head back out and clap the rest of the DH Runners in. They all did brilliantly.

Thoughts for me now turned to Blenhiem Palace for the Triathlon.

More on that next time.

Fundraising for Cure Rett continues here. I’ve just tipped over the mid-way point of my target thanks to all the support and donations. I’m well on my way for my end of year target of £1,000. All the donations are gratefully received and all I can do in return is say thanks and continue to put in all the hard work.

Also, raffle prizes are still coming in for the Cure Rett Fundraising Night on July 18th at Morton Manor in Carlisle. The event will be from 7pm and will include a raffle, pie and pea supper and a disco. Tickets are £5 and are available now. The raffle prizes that have been amassed are amazing so it’s worth popping down to be in with a chance of winning some of the prizes on hand. You can find more info on that here.


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