As I kick further into Marathon training one subject has reared its ugly head again and, to be honest, it’s about time I started to get it right.

What am I talking about? Nutrition.

During training for my first Marathon I was getting my entire nutrition bang on and I was probably my lightest for a long time but since completing the Chester Marathon in 2013 everything food-wise went a little downhill from there.

Not that I was eating totally unhealthy to start with but fruit and veg soon went by the wayside. Whereas I was once eating a banana or an apple I was now having a bag of crisps or some toast. Where I was drinking water I was now having coffee or a diet Pepsi. After a run I’d been used to having dried fruit but now I was tucking into flapjacks. My excuse initially was that I deserved it as I’d just completed a Marathon. But a week of eating rubbish soon turned into a month and soon those months turned into a year.

The weight, naturally, started creeping on a bit and I thought all would be well when I started Marathon training again in 2014. To some degree it was because as soon as the mileage increased some weight did naturally drop off but we’re talking a couple of pounds here and there. But the bad food habits didn’t stop and I was starting to use running as an excuse for them. “Oh, I can eat that tub of ice cream because I’ll just burn it off tomorrow when I go for my long run.” Which is fine because most of the time you can as long as there is some sort of balance of what you are eating. Generally I was still eating rubbish day in and day out and I was, and still am, nowhere near my five a day.

So now I find myself with three Marathons in the bag and Dublin Marathon looming in October.

I’ve got to give myself a kick up the arse and get my nutrition on track. Which is why, in August, I’ll be challenging myself to eat healthy.

Gone will be the Diet Pepsi.

Fruit and Veg will firmly be back on the table.

Matt Fitzgerald’s Racing Weight Cookbook will be seeing a lot more of daylight as I look for recipes and ideas.

The aim?

To lose at least ½ stone by the end of August.

But I’ll need the help of my family and friends on this one…so…

Don’t offer me cake at parkrun…in fact don’t offer me cake at all.

If you see me ordering anything unhealthy in a café then slap me.
No take-aways.
No fast food outlets.

If you have any recipes, tips etc. then let me know by tweeting #EatHealthySteve to @SteveNaive1980.

Not only will I be eating healthy but I’ll be working on my core a lot more again in an effort to tone up.

One last thing…this is not a diet it’s just a change of mind-set. So I’m not interested in talking about faddy diets and suchlike. It’s all about eating healthy, using fresh ingredients and changing my mind-set so I can carry it on a lot more than I’ve been used to the last couple of years.

If anyone would like to join me in this challenge then let me know and we’ll work out a plan together.

I’ll be doing weekly reports on how I’m getting on and, crucially, my current weight.

Wish me luck.



    1. I’ll be honest, I don’t have the basic facts to hand but I’m going on the assumption that it is.

      Just one small google search of ‘Is Diet Pepsi/Coke bad for you’ comes up with results of research that show it is bad for you in daily consumption.

      In some cases it’s worse than regular Pepsi/Coke.

      Check out:

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