It’s been hard trying to stay healthy this month. 

I’ve been out with friends, attended weddings and took the kids away. I’ve been tempted to eat and drink the odd unhealthy stuff but I’ve stayed the course.

My only fall was when I had a diet Pepsi after a bad shift at work.

I must take a moment to acknowledge Pepsi and Sainsbury’s. I truly hope my experiment this month hasn’t caused them any sort of financial issues. I don’t want to be the guy who bankrupted Pepsi. Also, apologies if it has affected anyone’s bonus. 

So, where am I at?

My final weigh in on the 31st August saw my weight at 11 stone 8 1/2 lbs. 

So I didn’t quite hit my 11 stone 7 lb target but not too far off. Still it’s an impressive 5 1/2 lb loss. 

It’s been a successful experiment all in all. The weaning off Pepsi and chocolate did leave me fatigued for a lot longer than I imagined but it just goes to show what a negative effect that stuff had on you. 

The core work continues and I’m starting to develop in the abdominal area. 

Marathon training is ramping up now and Dublin will soon be upon me. 

A little tweak to the training plan sees me now have a rest day and a cross training day. My cross training day will mainly see me bouldering cause that’s how I roll…well climb to be more precise. 


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