Looking Towards Dublin Marathon 2015.

Marathon training this time around has fairly taken it out of me. I think the year has caught up with me somewhat as I have trained variations in distance as well as different disciplines as I transitioned into Triathlons.

Next year my focus will be on endurance and long distances so 10k’s, and to some extent half marathons, will be on the back burner during 2016. I will still be focussing on Triathlons but I will be making the step up to sprint and Olympic distance. Much work will need to be made on my swimming but I’m up for it and coach Heather has promised to give me a much needed kick up the backside.

I started marathon training at the end of June and things were going ok for a few weeks. It was when I started hitting the long runs that I just generally felt drained and my legs felt heavy on a consistent basis. Add in to the fact that I was getting up very early to fit in runs before work and then running home from work so I can get as much family time in as possible. As well as tired legs my back was also starting to bother me and I was getting some rib pain which was constricting my breathing. Breathing during running is hard enough for an asthmatic but this was impeding me even more. It was obvious that my training plan was wrong but I also needed to sort out the issues with my body. Thankfully my osteopath freed up most of the issues with my back and ribs and a deep tissue massage eventually freed up my calves and hamstrings.

Tired Runner

It seemed that a culmination of tight muscles was one of the main reasons I was feeling fatigued. So with a change to my training plan which now gives me a rest day and a cross training day I’ve found myself hitting my runs with a fresh vigour.

Dublin Marathon

I’ve got three weeks left until I start to taper for Dublin and, thankfully, my times are starting to look more like they should. As always I’ve booked a few half marathons over the next couple of weeks to get me to marathon day in good shape. Outings to the English Half Marathon coming up on 20th September and The Cumbrian Run on 4th October will see me run as close to marathon pace as possible. The Spadeadam Half Marathon on October 17th however, will be a gentle outing to stretch the legs before Dublin Marathon on October 26th.


I’m a lot more confident as I sit and type this now than I was a few weeks ago. The way my body seemed to be letting me down I was worried that Dublin might have been disaster. It might still well be but it won’t be because I haven’t put the training in.

Now, if I can just work out my pacing…


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