Time for a rest

I’ve recently taken a bit of a break from all things running. It’s been a busy, and successful, year when it comes to my fitness and fundraising goals. I’ve already bagged a duathlon and 2 marathons with 3 triathlons thrown into the mix for good measure. Add into that all the 5k, 10k, 10 mile, half marathon and 20 mile races I’ve taken part in and it was definitely time to put my feet up for a couple of weeks.

So I kicked back and didn’t run (with the exception of parkrun for a couple of weeks) and I didn’t read or write about running.

I’d come out of Dublin fairly fatigued and a few weeks later managed to get round the Brampton to Carlisle 10 miler but again felt tired and a bit leggy afterwards. With Manchester Marathon training starting in the middle of December the time was definitely right for a break.

On the subject of Brampton to Carlisle (which took place on 15th November) I managed to complete it in a time of 1:21.37. Not much to report other than the conditions were miserable (wind, rain and a few flooded areas to get the feet well and truly wet).

In other notable news I’ve recently been published in Like The Wind Magazine. Twitter: @LikeTheWindMag . My article is about how I was never that sporty as a youngster but having a nervous breakdown changed my life and attitude to fitness and, indirectly, brought some people into my life who I’m proud to call my friends. There are many articles in the magazine by runners for runners and, in my opinion, it’s worth a buy to read about different aspects of why people run and what keeps them going.

And so we turn to marathon training yet again. Manchester will be the first on the road next year marathon wise. Having missed out on London my hope of doing a London/Manchester combo have faded. Not long after Manchester I’ll be doing my bit at The Lakesman where I’m doing the marathon part of a three person relay. Looking further into the year I’m potentially looking at Venice or Florence for an autumn marathon but I could easily be talked into doing Chester again depending on if there is a group of DH Runners heading down to give it a bash.

I’ll be giving Blenheim Triathlon another go and this time I’ll be increasing my distance from Super Sprint to Sprint distance.

There are still a lot of things I want to do such as half ironman, ironman and comrades and so, with that in mind, 2016 will see me finally kick my arse in to shape and get expert advice on nutrition as well as some personal training.

I’m still not sure I enjoy swimming either but I imagine that Coach Heather will be kicking my backside around the pool come January to get me to finally put my face in the water.

Still, I look back on 2015 and think to myself, for someone who couldn’t swim in January, I’ve done fairly well this year in terms of triathlons. Now it’s time to do start preparing to go again.

Onwards and upwards.

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