30 Day for sub 30 parkrun challenge

Much like last year I’ve devised a training plan for a sub 30 minute parkrun challenge.

You might remember that last years challenge was due to finish on Saturday 31st January (which just so happens to be my birthday). But sadly Carlisle parkrun was cancelled. However, I did hear from others that had tried the challenge in other parts of the country and had managed to post a sub 30 minute parkrun having followed the plan.

So let’s try again this year. The challenge this year will start on the 1st of January and finish on Saturday January 30th which will also be the day of the parkrun 3rd anniversary party. (My birthday is the next day…just in case you want to send cards and presents). Sadly you won’t be able to tie it in with Jantastic this year as there won’t be one running in 2016.

Here’s the challenge.

You, 30 days of training (including rest days), parkrun, sub 30 minutes finish time.

I’ve set up a training plan to follow to get you to the finish line which is available at the following link:


Download it, print it off, share it…but most of all get amongst it.

Feel free to move the rest days around if you want to include a parkrun every Saturday in the build-up.

Start 2016 as you mean to go on.

Once again the challenge can be found here

yes you can



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