Inskipped – Part Two

Those of you who have been reading the blog for at least the last year will remember that I signed up for Inskip Half Marathon and then promptly missed it by sleeping in and missing the bus that was taking us down.

So I signed up again for this year and training was going well. I was up to 10 miles just before Christmas and then a few incidents over Christmas and New Year conspired and I ended up injured with a bad back.

My loft got flooded during Christmas and I spent a few hours cramped up there trying to make sure that my bedroom ceiling didn’t cave in. That probably didn’t help my back.

My daughter is growing every day and still wants lifted and carried a lot but she also wriggle as you lift her which can twist you the wrong way. That probably didn’t help my back.

I also fell off my bike on New Year’s Day and landed on my left shoulder and twisted onto my back as I fell. I felt ok the next day and went about my stuff as normal but then come the Sunday I was bent over double. I spent the next three days laid up in the house until I could get to see my Osteopath.

High resolution concept or conceptual 3d human male or man anato

Once at the Osteo I was manipulated and cracked and left finally able to walk for the first time in days. I was advised to take it easy over the next few days so that meant no Inskip for the second time. I’m gutted to be honest as it means I miss the hotpot again.

I’ve started light training again on the treadmill and the back is starting to ease up a bit. I’ll try and get a couple of 3 mile runs in next week (slowly) and then, hopefully, I’ll be able to resume my, now revised to 12 weeks, Manchester Marathon training plan.

Wish me luck.


7 thoughts on “Inskipped – Part Two

  1. Loads of sympathy with you there. Only thing that causes me injuries is my 18 month old, ham strings and back strains none stop. Nothing to stop me completely but never been without a twinge! Hope you get up and running again soon. Love the blog kept me going last year.

  2. Yikes, not good. Kids can be bad for your back. Besides wanting to be held for hours, the picking them up can be bad for your back as well.
    We’ve heard about the UK flooding here is the US. A friend just got back from two weeks in Galway and she said it rained everyday also.

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