Resolution 10k 2016 and Marathon Training update

As I sit here with man flu I’m starting to think that the running Gods don’t want me to get my shit together this year.

Well, I say man flu…I don’t know what the kids have given me but it’s absolutely knocked me sideways. One minute I’m boiling hot and the next minute I’m freezing cold and as for the coughing up a lung don’t even get me started.

In truth I haven’t been ill for a while but it’s not great when I’m only into my second week of training for Manchester Marathon on what was already a limited training schedule. Luckily it is only the early stages of training so there’s still time to get enough training behind me to finish on the day and my base fitness will still be there. I’m not expecting a PB though.

Training wise I’m now getting PT sessions so that’ll definitely help with the two things I’ve always struggled with; Core Training and Nutrition. Saying that, the nutrition is a bit of an issue with this illness as I’m craving chocolate all the time. I’ve been good though…for now.

After deciding not to do Inskip with the pain in my back I’d had a bit of a recovery and had decided to venture down and go round it easy with someone who was planning to do the same. As it was Inskip cancelled on me. The weather had caused some access restrictions to local roads so the organisers decided it best to knock it on the head.

And so, in a bit of a role reversal from last year, some of us found ourselves heading up to Carlisle Racecourse to take part in the Resolution 10k. This race was cancelled last year while Inskip went ahead. It did, however, run a few weeks later so some people managed to do Inskip and the Resolution Run as well.

It was nice to take the first few miles easy as myself and Heather had a catch up and chatted away. Once I got to three miles I wanted to start to test the back so I upped the pace a bit. I even managed to give it a bit of a sprint finish at the end which is always a good sign.

I was fairly happy with my finish time of 52:02.45 given the circumstances.

Big shout out to the Sport in Action guys who were out and about on the Saturday and Sunday morning making sure the route was safe for the runners taking part.

My back still isn’t fully healed. The pain itself had gone but the fact I’ve been coughing constantly for the past four days means that the lower back pain has returned. Aw well, back to the stretching and yoga it is then.

As an aside it’s worth checking out the DDP Yoga Now App if that kind of thing floats your boat.

Next up for me is the Great North West Half Marathon in Blackpool in February. I never enjoy it but I always turn up to do it.





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