Looking towards – Manchester Marathon

On Sunday 10th March I will be taking part in my fifth marathon. It will be my second attempt at Manchester Marathon following two goes at Chester Marathon and one at Dublin.

It’s been a rocky little road getting into race shape following various illnesses and injuries but I’m confident that I’ve done enough to get me by on the day.

After Trimpell I’m also confident that I can put in a good effort. But I will have to wait until race day to find out what’s in store for me both in terms of weather and whether my body will hold up or not.

I keep reminding myself that this is not my main race this year so it’s not a major thing if I don’t achieve the time I’m hoping for.

After Manchester I have a two month training plan to follow to keep me in shape for the marathon leg of The Lakesman triathlon via a trip to Blenheim to take part in the sprint distance at the Blenheim Palace Triathlon.

After The Lakesman it’s all about starting training for my main race which will be my third attempt at Chester Marathon in October.

I’m still hopeful of fitting another one in before the end of the year which will take me up to eight marathons in total. I still fancy having a go at the Florence marathon but it will all depend on what my finances look like over the next few months before I decide.

I was having a conversation with some other runners the other day and I mentioned that I was starting to come round to the fact that the marathon may now be my favourite distance. If I can at least duck in under 4 hours again at Manchester I’ll be happy enough. Considering where I was in February I’d take that.

This year will see DH Runners (myself included) fundraising for both the Eden Valley Hospice and The Kenyan Schools Project. Eden Valley Hospice did an amazing job of making sure my grandma was comfortable last year during her final few days and it’ll be nice to raise funds for them to help them continue their vital work in the community.

The Kenyan Schools Project are a husband and wife team (Bill and Lynn Morris) who travel to Kenya twice a year to help young children and babies in schools and orphanages in Kenya. Since 2004 they’ve raised over £80,000 and donated everything from desks and scholastic equipment to electricity and new classrooms. Bill and Lynn travelled to Carlisle last week to meet DH Runners at Carlisle parkrun as well as raise some funds. The morning also included meeting local newspaper reporters for a write up regarding the fundraising in the News and Star.


If you’d like to donate you can do so here: Eden Valley Hospice at this link

Kenyan Schools Project at this link

In the meantime, wish me and my friends luck at Manchester.

Kwenda kwa bidii au kwenda nyumbani (which I’m reliably informed is Go Hard Or Go Home in Swahili – at least…I hope it is).


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