Carlisle Tri-Club 10k Review -Wednesday 1st June 2016

Wednesday 1st June was the beginning of what would be a packed week of competing.

It was a last minute decision to run the Carlisle Tri Club 10k due to the fact that I had to work a night-shift following it. But in the end I just decided to man up and get amongst it.

Given the rich vein of form I’m currently in I was quite keen to see what the event would bring. My fastest time over this route so far had been 47:24 so the aim was to beat that. My 10k PB of 44:57 (Set at Moorclose) may have been a bit of a push given the harder nature of the route so I just planned to run a hard 10k and see what time I ended up with.

I’d decided to bike the 4.5 mile from my home to the racecourse. More out of convenience than anything else as it meant that I would get back home quicker following the race and have about an hour of downtime before I had to head to work.

Once I’d arrived and gotten myself sorted it was time to group together with the rest of the DH Runners and get a team photograph. We’d decided, given the amount of our runners in attendance, that we would head outside for a photo. As we all gathered together and headed outside it must’ve looked like something was going on as suddenly everyone followed us outside and we’d caused a mass evacuation of the building. It was the third race in the club championship which probably explains the amount of DH Runners in attendance. So far, I’ve managed to take part in all the races of the championship this year.

Team photo over and race briefing done and it was time to get racing.


I’d always set off way back in this race previously but I’ve started to feel a bit more confident about placing myself further towards the front. However, having set off with the front pack and running a six minute mile pace for a ¼ of a mile I soon realised I might have to back off a little. It was a pretty hot evening and things were soon getting a little on the sweaty and sticky side. The first mile was quickly over and done with in 7:03 pace.

Miles two and three were also soon completed and I was passing halfway in 23 minutes.

On the approach to mile four the wind picked up a bit and breathing became a little bit of an issue but, given that I was now in the backend of the race, I kept on pushing on.

I’d become aware that no-one had passed me for a couple of miles when suddenly a few people behind me started to make a move. On the stretch to five miles I started to make a move too and was soon picking people off one or two at a time as the group had bunched up considerably at this point.

Soon we were on the turn back to the racecourse. Given that it’s downhill, which is a speciality of mine, I made a move immediately and started passing people at speed.

On the final turn into the racecourse there were two just ahead that I could feasibly catch so it was time to get a sprint finish on and get past them. Job done!!!

I’ve always been pleased with my sprint finish which, this time, has resulted in a photo of me actually flying. By all accounts there were at least three people shouting me on as I approached to the finish. I must’ve been in the zone as I didn’t hear a thing, let alone see anyone. Faces were literally a blur…that must’ve been what Billy Whizz felt like. (Showing my age maybe…google it).


I finished in position 76 with a time of 45:29. Given that the previous year had seen me finish in position 114 I’m pretty pleased with the gains I’ve been making this year.

As if that wasn’t enough it was then time to bike home before getting a night-shift in.

Next up was Blenheim Triathlon – Sprint Distance.

I had some trepidation going into Blenheim given the distance of the swim but again it was time to zip the man suit up and get on with it.

But more on that next time.



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