Baby Loss and Sudden Infant Death Awareness Week – Memorial 5k/10k Run/Walk.

For the past year or so I’ve been working on putting together a virtual run to support Baby Loss and Sudden Infant Death Awareness Week. This is usually run between the 9th and 15th October.

As I’m fundraising for Kicks Count this year I thought what better way than to put together a virtual 5k/10k run/walk to raise funds for this charity who do vital work in empowering parents with the knowledge and confidence that they need throughout pregnancy. They do this through providing literature on fetal movement throughout pregnancy and myth-busting certain misinformation regarding baby movement throughout pregnancy. By doing this they aim to give mums the confidence and knowledge to trust their instincts if they feel something is wrong. I’ll also be sharing some of the donation with Tommy’s. Last year Tommy’s opened up the UK’s first national centre dedicated to miscarriage research.

It’s a poignant year for me this year as it’s ten years since we lost our first child. My hope is that one day no-one has to go through the pain we went through but sadly I have seen it happen to many family members and friends in the years since.

I was recently reading a story on BBC news about a couple who had suffered 10 miscarriages in 10 years with no obvious answers as to why. You can read the story at this link.

The main thing coming out of that story is that they still have hope.

So, with that in mind, I’d like you to join me in October as we aim to run/walk in aid of Baby Loss and Sudden Infant Death Awareness Week.

There are two options – a 10k run/walk or a 5k run/walk.

These can be done at your own leisure as a virtual run/walk between 9th and 15th October or you can get a group of people together and run/walk it as a group. I’m hoping to get a mass participation group going locally in Carlisle during that week so if you’re local come and join us.

More details can be found at the Facebook group. Please share with anyone who you feel may be interested.

Both are priced at £10 and both will include an engraved medal. Once the medal money has been taken out of the total the entirety of the proceeds will then be donated between Kicks Count and Tommy’s. Full transparency will be provided throughout of where the funds are going so everyone knows that the money is going where it should.

Payments will be closed at the start of September to enable me to order medals so you’ve got a couple of months to get involved.

Following the 15th October medals will be given (or posted out if needs be) to all participants.

To take part in the 5k please use this link:

To take part in the 10k please use this link:



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