Appleby 10k Review – Sunday 25th June 2017.

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Much like my previous post about the Carlisle Tri Club 10k, The Appleby 10k has become a staple of my running calendar.

This is mostly down to the fact that they run a fun run before the 10k which I’ve taken part in with my son for the past three years.

Previous attempts had seen the following:

2015 – 50:36 finishing 54th out of 100

2016 – 45:20 finishing 37th out of 136

This is a fairly technical course which is quite hilly in the first couple of miles and, much like the tri-club 10k, it has a long and boring stretch from miles 4 – 5 where, if you’re not careful, your mind can wander and the pace can drop.

The fun run started at 10:30 and takes in 4k of the 10k route. Having done it a few times before the boy took to it like a veteran and there was a lot more running and a lot less complaining than previous year’s attempts. He finished in 30:24 knocking a whole 12 minutes off his first attempt in 2015. To say he was chuffed to bits is probably an understatement. There was only one thing on his mind at the finish though…burger.

Every year at least a couple of DH Runners rock up to have a bash, this time it was Simon and Emma.

Simon was returning for a second year to lay some ghosts to rest while Emma was attempting it for the first time. Both Simon and I played down how hilly the course was so as not to put her off.

Having run the course a few times before I knew what to expect and I knew that this time around I should start close the start line as I could hold my own in terms of pace.

The first mile starts fairly quick and takes you downhill for about a quarter of a mile before you start climbing the first hill. I hit the first mile marker in 7:18.


The next mile sees you climbing a bit more over a series of two separate inclines. I managed to finish the second mile in 7:06.

The third mile gives you a little bit of relief as, although there is still some climbing, there is a fair bit of downhill running. This mile was completed in 6:54.

Much like the third mile the fourth has some climbs but a lot of downhill so I managed to knock this mile out in 6:58.

The dreaded long stretch from mile four to five came next and, predictably, I lost a bit of pace. This was completed in 7:32.

The last mile is a great downhill push to the finish at the school. The only downside is you finish on the grass for about the last 400m which can really affect the speed. I finished the last mile in 6:48 and put on a sprint finish for the end to maintain my place.


Crossing the line I stopped to catch my breath and stop my watch. I’d finished in 43:48 in position 25 (of 138). Yet again it is a year on year improvement and I was happy with that given the course.


For the last two years I’d finished I’d wanted a pork and apple burger at the end only to find they’d sold out. Last year I was told that I needed to run a bit quicker to bag myself one. Well, I’d done that this year and, as promised, the pork and apple burger was finally mine. It was pretty tasty too. I’ll maybe try and run a bit faster next year and have two.

It was another decent outing and yet another course improvement. Things are definitely moving in the right direction.


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