2017 – A review of favourite/notable races

It’s been another great year in terms of my running. I set goals at the start of the year and I managed to hit them all.

January saw me take part in the Inskip Half Marathon and set a new half marathon PB of 1:33.18…and ended up with a snazzy new bobble hat.


February saw me return to the windy Great North West Half Marathon. After five years of hovering between finishes 1:52 and 3 hours I surprised myself by finishing in 1:34.06.


March saw me complete the Wilmslow Half Marathon for the first time. An enjoyable run out with Andrew which saw me run out of steam in the last two miles. I was pleased with the finish of 1:34.05 though.


April was Manchester Marathon time. I arrived with a marathon PB of 3:31.55 set at Chester in October 2016. My goal was to break 3:30 for the marathon distance…and break it I did by finishing in 3:24.45.


April also saw me take part in my tenth marathon at Blackpool. As I was going to start competing in Ultra’s I wanted to try and keep the distance up. It was a warm one. I was blitzed in the last few miles but nevertheless I wasn’t totally unhappy with a finish time of 3:38.16.


And so it was that I closed out April with my favourite 10k. Lancaster Three Bridges has long been on the racing calendar for me and it was apt that I set a 10k PB of 41:30.


May saw me return to marathon distance with the rock and roll Liverpool marathon. As far as marathons go it wasn’t the worst but it was a lot of running back on yourself and there were long stretches of boredom. I finished in 3:32.00 but probably wouldn’t rush back to do it again in a hurry.


June saw a return to 10k distance with the Carlisle Tri Club 10k (42:12 – course PB) and Appleby 10k (43:48 – course PB). Appleby is a favourite as I get to run the fun run with my son before the race proper.

July saw me head back to Ullswater to take in the Ullswater Triathlon and lay some demons to rest. This year I finished the swim and didn’t have to get dragged out into a rescue boat. I managed to finish the event in 2:01.47.


August saw me take part in my first Ultra/Endurance race. Hell On The Humber was definitely an interesting, gruelling, mind fuck as it was essentially 2 miles over a bridge and 2 miles back…continuously for 12 hours. I managed 52 miles which put me in great spirits and gave me some belief as I look forward to Comrades Marathon in 2018.


September saw me return to Warrington to take part in my favourite Half Marathon. The English Half Marathon has been on my racing calendar as long as the Three Bridges 10k. Again, it was apt that it was here that I set my half marathon PB of 1:29.02.


October was all about Chester Marathon. The year previous I’d finished in 3:31.55 and a year later I turned up and finished in 3:18.20, it wasn’t pretty and I could have paced it better to finish faster but I definitely can’t be unhappy with that time.


November saw me take part in the Windmill 10k. Bagging a course PB of 41:49 in the process.


It’s been a great year. I’ve taken home a PB at 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon distance and in some cases I’ve done it a couple of times this year. I’ve also returned to triathlon and done what I needed to do and dipped my toe into Ultra Marathon distance.

I can’t wait for 2018. I’ve got great plans for at least the first six months.



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