Monday – Motivation

A few friends have recently commented on how much they regret not going for that job or not carrying on with that hobby or sport. Push for those dreams. You’ll regret it a lot more if you never tried. Sometimes failure is good because achieving what you want shouldn’t be easy. Advertisements

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Monday Motivation

I recently watched a video featuring Irish runner Phil Healy. It was inspiring to say the least and certainly a message to anyone watching about never giving up. Watch the video then read the story behind it at the following link and further info of the after effects of the story for athletics here.

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Music inspiration/motivation

With the marathon looming in Manchester I find myself turning to music to get pumped up pre training run. One of my go to songs is Can’t Slow Down by Foreigner. Watch the video and then read the lyrics…it’s guaranteed to give you some get up and go. “Can’t Slow Down”  Feel the blood rushing through my […]

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Motivation of the day

When I first started getting fit a lot of people scoffed at my attempts at running. What they didn’t realise was that I was a lot stronger willed than the boy who used to give up because they said I couldn’t do something and they said that I would never be able to do it. […]

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