Training, parkrunning, trail running and HULK RAGE!!! (Borrowdale Trail Run Half Marathon 15th June 2014)

Spoilers; at some point this blog will turn into a rant. There may be swearing, there may be talk of toilets and there will be lots of ranting. Sorry about this…apparently if you suppress your rage it’s not good for your health. If I’d have posted an update the day after The Borrowdale Trail Run […]

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Keswick Half Marathon – Run to the hills (In which one of the DH Runners has a secret…which isn’t a secret).

I was going into Keswick Rugby Club Half Marathon still carrying a calf niggle from my previous run the Valiants Half Marathon. As such I decided that I was going to take this one a little easier. Plus there were going to be hills…lots of hills. Whenever I think of hills I immediately think of […]

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Valiants Half Marathon (Sat 19th April 2014)

When running in the Valiants Half Marathon was first mooted my immediate thoughts turned to some sort of medieval run. Valiants sounded very Arthurian and I was starting to contemplate turning up in chainmail brandishing a broadsword. Come to think of it there was a guy who ran the London Marathon in chainmail. Running is hard enough…why complicate it?
As it was it turned out that Valiants was the name of an equestrian centre in Garstang which was where the race was starting off from.

chainmail runner

The trip down to Garstang didn’t start off too well. Only ten minutes in and we were on the way back to my house to pick up my forgotten running trainers. It wasn’t as if I left the house in a rush either. I’d packed all of my stuff the night before and just happened to move my trainers to one side while I put something in my bag.
The signs were there for a bad day when I ended up deleting the email with the directions on that Kev had asked me to read out. Sometimes you’ve just got to read the signs.

Nevertheless we arrived there with 45 minutes to kill and went to pick up our numbers. The only downside was the large amount of hay kicking around. Hay is a trigger for my asthma so it wasn’t long until the breathing became an issue.

Once the race was underway it didn’t take long to get a sweat on despite it being a cold and windy day. I was aiming to beat my half marathon pb today and the plan was to get to the first 10k by about 48 minutes.

The first part of the job was done when I hit 1k, 5k and 10k and beat all of my previous PB’s for those distances. I was looking at finishing in about 1 hour 45 minutes all going well. The only downside was having to run with a guy who was pretty annoying. He seemed to be unable to go past a sheep without going baa at them. I was sick of him by five miles and sped up to get away from him.

The problem being was that things were about to go wrong. 7 miles in and I felt a little niggle in my calf. It was probably at this point I should have stopped and tried to stretch it out but I carried on thinking I could run it off. 8 miles in and I was in agony. My times had gone from 7 ½ minute miles to 9 minute miles. The next five miles were going to be a struggle. It was time for a revision…


I could’ve pulled out. I could’ve easily have pulled out. But once you’ve ran the better part of 8 miles you want something at the end of it, even if it’s just a medal.

Five miles to go. Head down, man up, tough it out.

It wasn’t too bad actually, I’d slowed down enough to alleviate the pain somewhat but still finish with a respectable time.

Seeing the 12 mile marker was beautiful though. I still felt like I had enough in the tank to push the last mile and get it all over with.

With about ½ a mile to go a lady tried to take me down. Even with a bad wheel I wasn’t having any of it. I’d decided at 12 miles that no-one else was passing me. She got past me and in turn I got past her and took off putting enough distance in between us to make sure she didn’t catch me at the finish.

In a half-hearted attempt I tried my patented sprint finish but it certainly wasn’t at full sprint.

I finished in a time of 1:53:01.

Even with a tight calf I was still pretty pleased with that time.

The others had faired a lot better.

10 159 Stephen Weston M DH Runners 01:20:45
21 13 Ian Harkness M DH Runners 01:25:27
29 149 Kevin Mulvey M DH Runners 01:30:39
50 208 Joanne Hazell F DH Runners 01:36:53
95 152 Steve Claringbold M DH Runners 01:53:01

If I had got the time I’d wanted I would’ve probably jumped from 95th to 75th.
It was a good course and it was certainly a PB course so maybe we’ll see what 2015 brings.

The medal was a bit different to say the least. I’m guessing I won’t get many other medals with horses on.

valiants medal
Next on the agenda was the Keswick Half Marathon. I’d definitely have to foam roll the calf before that one.

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Lorton School 10k

Usually, at the beginning of the year, I struggle to get runs in. This is normally down to a drop in fitness at the back end of Winter or an illness of sorts. I was doing pretty well at the start of this year though. I’d already completed a 10k, two half marathons and a […]

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