Lorton School 10k

Usually, at the beginning of the year, I struggle to get runs in. This is normally down to a drop in fitness at the back end of Winter or an illness of sorts. I was doing pretty well at the start of this year though. I’d already completed a 10k, two half marathons and a […]

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Dodd Wood Head Torch Race

I am afraid of the dark. So why I was taking part in a head torch run is beyond me. But that is exactly what I found myself doing when the DH Runners boys were en-route to Dodd Wood near Keswick. The idea behind this was that we would get in some vital training before […]

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Tri and tri again

August 2012: “Are you mental? I’ll never do a tri, sometimes I have difficulty putting one foot in front of the other to get this running malarkey right.” October 2013: “You’re signing up for another tri!!! Best of luck but it’s definitely not for me.” The above are actual conversations I had with a friend […]

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