Thursday – CrossTraining

As I’ve been training for triathlons recently I’ve been doing a lot of swimming training. Now that the triathlons are on the backburner for now I’ll still be incorporating swimming into my training plan but I’ll be using it specifically for cross-training. The session I’ve been following this week is a speed session: Warm-Up 200-metre […]

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The Lakesman Triathlon Review – Sunday 19th June 2016

“Fancy running the great Manchester 10k?” “Go on then.” “Fancy running a half marathon in Blackpool?” “Yeah, go on then.” “You’ve definitely got a marathon in you.” “Maybe, we’ll see.” “Fancy joining a running club we’re setting up?” “Yeah, why not…” “Fancy becoming a run leader?” “Erm, yeah???”   The above are actual conversations that […]

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